EVO East: ALL TVS WILL BE ON CRT (See Response)

I am here at Evo East now on my cell phone right next to the tournament hall. This is going to be the most random tournament ever; the results will mean absolutely nothing.

The 30 or so console stations are all set up on Zenith LCD HDTVs, which means EVERY GAME PLAYED ON THESE TVs LAGS–badly. We currently are estimating about a 10-frame lag on each TV give or take a couple.

Needless to say, the games are all unplayable under these conditions.

Apparently, the Evo staff did not notice my STICKIED thread in Tech Talk! The HDTV lag problem is well-known now and there is NO excuse for overlooking this problem anymore.

If you haven’t left for Evo East yet, just stay at home. I will see you guys in Vegas for the real tournament. I just wish I had gone to Evo West.

XBL players FTW!

I see my topic name was already edited. At least my thread wasn’t deleted, but that’s still unfair. MOST POORLY PLANNED EVENT EVER was a more appropriate title. We all spent hundreds to be at this event.

I have no beef with Evo staff, but somebody has to speak for what is going to be hundreds of disappointed players.

I repeat, I have no beef with any person in Evo staff,only the planning.

My sig. says it all

oh shit! im gonna get first! XBL FTW!

EDIT: The problem has been rectified.

False alarm.

LCD’s? What the hell were they thinking?

What the fuck? What happened to all the TV’s they had at EVO West?


Dam i saw fubar at the ballroom mad funny so thats what he was doing

There is no 10 frame lag in Mario Kart OR Poker.


Also DOA wouldn’t be affected. It runs fine on HDTV. Also, can’t you downscale and it’ll run relatively lag-free?

wow… Hella lame… Glad I couldnt make it now I guess. Huge over sight there.

lol what a true sport…but ya it looks nice on HD but i heard lag is horrible

Actually, no–check out my FAQ in Tech Talk if you have time though, it explains everything! IGN Gear also has an excellent article on the subject now if you’d like to read more.

wow, thats bad news, hope it gets fixed soon.

Yeah, 20 LCD’s, and they wouldn’t let any other TV’s in. I’m sure they will have it fixed in the hour.

The main point is this should have never happened, you can’t run one of the biggest tournys like this, it doesn’t take much sense to know you can’t/shouldn’t use LCD’s for fighters/gaming.

I feel sorry for ya fubar going all the way over there from Austin and ends up turning out like this.

:rofl: :rofl:

Damn, we’ve turned a 6 hour car ride into a 12 hour trial of love. This weekend better be worth it.

On that note, poker in our room if/when we get there. We might get robbed by some smelly guidos or guys selling roses.