Evo East Alpha 2 Full Results!


I wasnt expecting this to stretch for two days but more and more people wanted to get in and wanted it full scale 2/3 double elim (which i wasnt gonna do in the first place) but nonetheless surprisingly this game got a great turnout considering… with some old school and new steppin up to take it in possibly the last Alpha 2 tournament in the East Coast so gg’s and thanks to everyone for playing!

Alpha 2 [22 entrants]
1st. Justin. W [Rose]
2nd. Sanford. K [ChunLi]
3rd. Paul Wall [Ryu]
4th. Jeron. G [Rolento/Rose]
5th. Steve. H [Ken]
5th. Epsilon [ChunLi/Rose]
7th. DXP [Bison/Adon]
7th. Dnyc3 [Ken]
9th. NKI [Rolento]
9th. Arturo S. [Rose/Rolento]
9th. Deathcyke [Ken]
9th. Trevor [Gen/Ryu]
13th. Julien R. [Adon]
13th. DM [Ken]
13th. Zaelar [Rose]
13th. Chibi [Rose]


Any chance for vids?


I wish I was there to play Alpha 2. Good seeing Adon being played by DXP and Julien


Alpha 2 is a really dope game, but CCs really broke it.


was this a2 or a2g?


No vids unfortunatley

Just Alpha 2

btw Steve H started out in the losers bracket because he found out about it late and came back to take top 5.


wtf, a2 and 22 players. thats dope.


Angry Black is a fuckin beast, top 3 in GG with no team and top 5 in A2 after starting in losers? Steve Harrison may be my hero.


Wow, Alpha2?

I think EVO World needs Valle vs Wong MM on the Big Screen!


Im buying you a drink at evo vic, if for nothing else for that av.


CC’s broke alpha2? Dont you mean alpha 3?


Gogo Last Place



Well actually I think John Choi is more Justins Match in Alpha 2. That would be good! :slight_smile:

Actually you didnt get last those results are from top 16 and 22 ppl entered. Also you played really well Chibi I can see from watching you over the years you’ve gotten alot more patient, just deliver more!

Also contrary to popular beliefe ALL of Sanfords matches with Justin were very very close and it wasnt free for Justin at all, he’ll tell you that! I believe the score in the finals was 2-1, 3-2 Justin.


Haha, thanks Jeron, that means alot.



Mad Roses everywhere, nice.


Thanks for running this, Jeron. It had been a long time since I had played A2, and it was mad fun. :tup:


I mostly played Adon. I played Gen and Charlie once. I never played Ryu. heh heh :rolleyes:

Hey, thanks for setting this up. It was a nice distraction. Haven’t played the game in YEARS, I was mad rusty. Next time I will come correct. (yeah right) :looney:



So, where any videos recorded?


I used ken.


Where was I when this was being run?

Eps, Steve, why didn’t you get me? :sad: