EVO East, as it happens?

somebody got a lap top??? DSP…where u at?!

From another thread, posted by yoooooon.

so there is a thread somewhere??
that pool is retarded…who made those?

I believe pools were randomized or by random + regional or something.

another update

MvC2: W:wong/hyo/lincoln/org L:wig/yipes/infinite/?

It’s over already. I’ve won Evo East. Everyone else pushed the forfeit button. See you guys at Vegas. :tup:

Oh and I made the pools. LOLLERCOPTER!

Who are the Evo East directors?

Same group as always, cannons, wiz, seth, sirlin etc…

<Sabin-> justin didnt qualify for 3s
<Sabin-> mopreme and issei qualified
<Sabin-> issie prefected justin 2x in one set

<Sabin-> mkds: justin has the best score right now

Guess Justin won’t be making top placing at Evo in 3S. Except…he probably will any ways.

Way to rock Mortal Kombat DS Justin!!

<exo-tech> 3S winners: issei, flashg,henry cen, exodus
3S losers: mopreme, eric lee, fubarduck,kofiend

p.s. GO MD. GS EXO, ERIC. also props to my ny <3s

p.s.s. from a pool in that had nki/julian robinson/sirlin/jeron/chris li/jetphi, nki and julain r came through.

Another earlier tidbit from Arturo in IRC that you guys missed:

Justin, Jeron, Paul Wall, and Tony Barnhill all qualified in CvS2, dunno where or who else.

EDIT: Just heard that SmoothCat is in winners for this as well.

DOA4 Final 8…

Winners: Perfect Legend (OH), Hellshadow (VA), Escapingjail (DE), OoP Rabies (?)

Losers: Shad (VA, Hellshadow’s brother), VirtuaPai (NY), TheHighGuy (?), Rikuto (NY)

MASTER was at the WCG South Qualifier, and Tom Brady did not attend. Even still, I heard something like 35 people came.

Also, Hatred/Verify came too late to actually enter the tournament, so he’s raping everyone in money matches instead. =P

anyone got the video?

apparently it went down like this

winners semis - justin beats mopreme - chun vs ryu

winners finals - issey beats justin - yun vs. chun

losers finals - mopreme whips out that old school ken and does some magic. justin tries to chip mopreme out, but instead of daigo-ing it, mark simply just hits throw and it throws chun li. justin eliminated

i heard this through the grapevine

props to mopreme and fubar for holding down the sfc, kofiend for bein a chill dude and eating at noodletown, and henry cen for being one of the nicest dudes i’ve ever met. and flashg for being a nice dude. and for justin randomly calling me one day.

gj folks.

Good shit Exodus and Shinshay!

uh isnt finals tomorrow?:confused:

What kinda fucked up pool is that WOW… reminds me of the Black pool at evo2k1 hehehe

oh and any ggxx slash results yet?


Each pool is a minibracket that is approx 1/4 of the total bracket, the rounds he was referring to were of that pool, not of the entire tourney.

nki is my boy

…except that he makes ST look all skillful

I don’t think they have a grand finals of a pool though, at least they didn’t at 2k3 when I was there. IIRC losers finals is the last match of the pool…so after Mopreme beats Justin that should be it, Issei moves on in winners and Mopes moves on in losers.

Hmm your right, maybe they ran it like a mini tourney instead of a minibracket? so mopreme could (in theory) beat issei twice and qual in winners instead? sounds weird, i don’t know then =(.