EVO East, as it happens?

Way to rep MD/VA Exodus and Shinshay. Good fucking shit. Guess Eric Kim didn’t make it all the way. I know he fought hard though. Should have used Necro. :tup:

Eric Kim was in the same pool as FlashG, Eric Lee, and Smoothcat apparently. =/

I think they did the pools by zip code or something. Anyways, Pool A went like this:

Justin beat me in winners Chun Vs Ryu.

Issei beat Justin in Winners Yun Vs Chun.

I beat Justin in Losers Chun vs Ken.

Pool A results:

1st) Issei (qualified winners)
2nd) Mopreme (qualified losers)
3rd) Some Remy Guy
4th) Justin Wong

good stuff mopreme…with the ill ryu

Wow…a Remy player made it into qualifiers? That’s some fucking history. Especially if he never used anyone else the whole way through. Props. :clap:

Remy guy = Everdred :O?

No. Only Issei and I qualified. It’s just the way the bracket was set up. Justin and I played really early in the winners, and then early on in the losers.

Bracket A was the top player bracket.

i believe the remy player was DaRage…an XBL player from NY

Oh I see. Well mad props to everyone for doing what they do and also props to ooorageooo for holding shit down XBL style. :tup:

Here’s an incomplete list of the Tekken 5.0 qualifiers -

Winners: Jinmaster, Justin Wong, Rob Gin, ???
Losers: Spero Gin, animalattacktics, “random Baek player”, ???

I’m guessing GGXX hasn’t started yet? Keep the updates coming Josh. <3 your superplays!

You mean my videos on Bisqwit’s? Thanks a lot! I quit making them because it’s mostly a grind…you have to play frame-by-frame and I don’t have the patience to do that, especially since I’m a perfectionist.

I will be working on an actual LEGIT speedrun soon though…Valkyrie Profile, Easy mode run that gets the “normal” ending. The whole thing will be done from start to finish in one sitting, NO SAVES. I already have the perfect strats figured out, it’s just a matter of recording the one time I get lucky with all them.

BTW, mad props for your performance in Slash.

And to not hijack the thread any further, here’s an incomplete list of AE qualifiers!

Winners: Julian Robinson, Justin Wong, DSP, Lincoln (yes, the Marvel player)
Losers: NKI, Masaka, ???, ???

Apparently Lincoln beat Henry Cen and Seth Killian because they have no idea how to fight CE Bison. This is according to DSP though, so don’t shoot the messenger. =P

good stuff Rage, keep up that Remy :slight_smile: … and get revenge in some cassuals! lol

HFSF2:AE highlights:

As a tradition, there was a black bracket of death including David Sirlin, Julian Robinson, NKI, Jeron, Phi, a lot of random players including somebody I train with in CT, and a few others. Julian cleans house with CE Bison pretty convincingly, although the funny thing is that he doesn’t know how to do the lockdown/trap at all. I was lucky enough to NOT be in that bracket. NKI, as usual, only used ST Chun.

My bracket had Mopreme, Todd Dwyer and Masaka (Mike Creque). To be totally honest I almost lost to Mopreme’s CE Guile because I got extremely frustrated over missing wall jump attempts (fucking poorly programmed AE) and kept eating kicks. Obviously I was using ST Vega, but I pulled through. Then I beat some random dood with ST Rog and went on to beat Masaka with ST Rog. Highlight: Masaka doing Ryu’s super fireball and me passing through it TWICE with headbutt and then throwing him out of invincibility.

Also of note was Lincoln’s amazing streak with CE Bison. That’s right, I said Lincoln, an MvC2 player who doesn’t play AE. Basically he just jumps around doing random kicks and then random torpedoes…too good. He beat everybody’s ass in his bracket, INCLUDING Seth Killian and Henry Cen, and qualified for winners!

And you read that right, Seth Killian entered AE again even though he already qualified at EVO West and went ahead and qualified AGAIN, but in winners for his bracket.

In CVS2, we have:

Paul Wall, Tony Barnhill, Smoothcat (all of whom are training partners and who are over my fucking house right now haha) and Justin Wong.

In losers is Jeron, Nick T., and a few others I can’t recall right now. I believe one of them is Rob Sigley but I’m not positive.

Slash Results:
Team Like a book: MarlinPie(SL)/JetEnduro(KY)/BuriXcrub(BR)
Team Andrew: Andrew(KY)/Chetan(JO)/Drew(SO)
Team NY: Zidanel33t(AN)/KarlKablisk(TE)/Sean(SO)
Team ?: SO/BA/FA

Notes: Team Florida [FlashMetroid/Chaz/Alex G] sent to losers by Jamie Austin’s team early in the tournament and then knocked out by the unkown team. Flash went first and beat the sol, then lost to baiken. Chaz beat baiken and then both Chaz and Alex lost to the Faust. One of the guys from this team also OCVed Team Texas apparently.

Zidanel33t OCV’s Team Jamie Austin for the 4th quali spot, him being the last man standing for his team.

CvS2: You’re missing FlashMetroid, DSP.

Good shit for handing me my ass Mopreme.
Nice Denjin Ryu:wasted: :tup: :rock: :hitit:

Oh crap team florida didn’t qualify??? Wow thats something right there. Texas to wow lol Slash is random. Good stuff to the teams that qualified GOGOGOGOGOGO Jetenduro lol represent since you owned me back in the day.

Props to Jet and his team. And Jaime for fullfilling her promise of beating Flash’s team.

What the fuck, this is like a freaking gathering at Kyohei’s.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Good shit guys!

LOL @ Lincoln qualifying in AE out of winners.

I remember to this day playing that guy in ST back in '02. I didn’t really respect him as a real SF player because I would beast on him in CvS2, but this guy would land more psychic DPs than anybody I’d ever seen playing ST. Way too many for it to be a fluke. It’s still pretty surprising to see him qualify at a real tournament though. Especially out of winners. Good shit.

GS to all qualifiers. And GL tomorrow to those that I actually know (ya’ll know who you are).