Evo East CvS2 MM Thread

I didn’t see one up here, so i wanted to post it up. I’m looking to play anyone in CvS2.

2/3 - 10$ or 3/5 - 20$ (depending on how many MM’s i get, these values are subject to change. Basically if I get a lot of MM’s i’m probably gonna limit it to 10$ per MM).

I know not a whole lot of people know me, but please PM or AIM me for details. We can figure out on how to meet up with each other.

This thread isn’t strictly limited to just MMs with me, btw.

Havoc - 3/5 20$

Biggzy 3/5 20$

I’ll play you for $20.

3/5 for $10 is too much for too little. Actually, so is 4/7 for $20, but I’d rather do that.

I’m down for 3/5 for $20 or $30. Let me know

I’m accepting MM.

i’ll mm you but you have to use r4 s-sim

i figured that’s the response i’d get, so i’ll change it. 3/5 20$ ok?

That’s good.

Biggz, waddup?

2/3 for $20?

i’ll keep the original post edited with my MMs. just a heads up.

anyone going to evo world thatll MM me? Ill probably make a Evo World CVS2 MM thread soon.

If i can get time off from work, i’ll be at evo world. Also, depending on my funds situation at the time, i would gladly play you for 10-20$. I dont see me having much to blow on MMs, so 10-20$ would be ideal.

I won’t be sure if I can get the time off until we get close to august though.

This dude ask’s in the evo east thread, just do the word one already. :rofl:

Also i will play you, just name the price.