EVO East Gathering with Fist Of The North Star!

Where : CyberZone Lan Center
672 Neshaminy Mall Blvd,
Right outside of philadlephia
Bensalem, Pa 19020
When : April 21st

Time : 12:00 start
registration for tourny’s is from 12-2

Games : 3rd Strike, Super Turbo, Soul Calibur 3, CVS2, MVC2, if we get a copy MELTY BLOOD, Guilty Gear Slash
Fist Of The North Star, Tekken DR

Thats right the most broken game in history has hit our shores and we need to start this shit out right. Their will be open casual and Tourny’s for HnK plus all the regular games will be out too ( 3S, SC3, CVS2, ST, Marvel and anything else people want). venue fee will be $5 and any tournys will be $2 winner takes all format. as of right now we only have one modded ps2 so if anyone wants to help out with supplying equipment like extra modded ps2’s entry fee in tourny will be waved for one game. So That Means IF MELTY BLOOD PLAYERS WANT TO COME OUT PLEASE DO!!! I would like to see this place get some exposure and hopefully start running rambats soon. if anyone has any questions please feel free to pm me or im me deludedfool386 . Again Extra equipment will always be welcomed!! anyone that can confirm coming please email me at bebopfiles@comcast.net or rx7_bringsthepain@yahoo.com

I’m up for this if I can get some cats to come along with me. I’m sure Chibi would go to this.

fuck, PA is far. this is a maybe for me. nothing else going on that weekend to my knowledge. i just hope people show up and i dont play myself all day. not that im any stranger to playing with myself :looney:

I’ll see about coming to this.


Uh, I can catch the local transit there, so I’m most likely a GO.

their wouldnt be anything more that i would like to see… ST competition is needed around here i would be talkin to juilian to see if he wants to get in on some st action as well def be nice to see u thier

chibi u should come and get some MB and HnK in i think damian would prol want a match or two in mb :lovin:

Me, Julian, and Dave will probably be coming to this if we can learn all of this stuff by this time. I want to at least have 2 characters I’m down with by time this happens. We just got the game yesterday, so we’ll see what happens.

I had a wierd DREAM about this last night…there was this image of Chun Li that kind of looked like a cheap, incomplete tatoo and it was yelling “I’m the buffalo!”, while beasting on everybody

Yo If I bring slash can we run that too I have a modded ps2 and a copy of MBAC it shout be all good

how do you feel about that?

i will definatly be there
PA is pretty close to me and i LOOOOVE HNK

GG is always welcomed here u bring that shit free entry for u in GG Joey Crack To The Rescure

dont forget DR too we have one ps3 with DR on it maybe a little bit of tekken perhaps? only problem is we dont have the converters to switch the controllers to a ps2 format anyone who wants tekken DR could brings them if they have them perhaps? if not your gonna be stuck with shitty ass ps3 controllers ;(

it makes me want to get a Ryu tat?

Oh, sweet. You guys are hosting a tournament. This is Kevin, and I’ll be there.

I’ll enter marvel as well if it’s enough people.

hnk MM’s?

If everything goes to plan which i hope it does im trying to set it up right now DR will be run next store to us on an Arcade machine…hopefully enough people show for DR to make it worth it.:lovin:

i’m there. this is console, right? hopefully i can get my mas stick fixed for this…

yes this is all console tourny but if all goes well DR will be arcade !!!