Evo East gathering with fist of the northstar results

Ok well the tournament was mad fun. I had a great time and im glad everyone who came out did. Hope to see you all and hopefully even more people at the next one.

Anyway heres the results

**HNK **

1st.Kyle “Comeback” Macfarland (Roah)
2nd. Julian Robinson (Jagi)
3rd. D.hyo (Kenshiro)

**Soul Calibur 3**

1st. Dream (X)
2nd.Henry (Yoshmitsu)
3rd.Plural (Cassandra)

**Melty Blood AC **

1st. Plural
2nd. X
3rd. Comeback

**Tekken 5:DR**

1st. Tim (Steve Fox)
2nd. Dave (Drag)
3rd. Plural (Paul)


1st. Bryheem (Spiral/sent/cable)
2nd. 50 cent (M/S/P)

**3S teams**

1st. Team Not Random (Dream + Flare) (chun + ryu)
2nd. Team Haven (Therapist + Henry) (Akuma +Necro)
3rd. Team Jewaiian (Comeback + Plural) (chun + dudly)

**Guilty Gear Slash**

1st. Sanford Kelly (Axel, sol)
2nd. Therapist (chip)
3rd. Joey Crack (baiken)

Due to time issues Cvs2, St, and 3S singles werent run. ;( Next time they will be run 1st.

Sorry, I went to CF yesterday.

Next time I’ll hit this up ;p.

good shit Comeback, sorry couldnt make it

Good tournament. Hopefully more with turn out for the next one.

Good matches to Flare. How many did we end up playing? 150 or so?

first of all i wanna thank all the players that came out to this event it was my first time setting something like this up and for the response to be this good i wanna thank everyone. even though we didnt get 3s singles, cvs2, or st in due to time constrants it was still a over good day eveyone had fun and thats what the community needs a time to play and relax with friends.

shout outs :

all the HnK players thanks next time we will hopefully have a bigger turn out but are matches were very heated nicely done to juilian for learnin Jagi and makin it to the finals good shit.

flair - thanks for the ST fights even though we had to cut them short they were fun .

joey crack - thanks for bringing melty blood and GG: Slash.

DHYO - dude great seeing you again man hope u come out to the next one.

Sanford aka( Mr. President) - thanks for coming out man ur too good at tekken man hope to see u at the next one

to all that couldnt make it - we will be hosting another one soon hopefully before EVO EAST sooooo. lets get hype!!!

Im the BEST! in gg Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:lovin:

o_0 gs sanford, lol outta nowhere.

Haha, that’s because the second best was my Chipp, and I’m just a 3S player. :rofl:

I won’t get owned by random Jagi launchers or Roah infinite death once I actually take the time to learn that game.:sweat: :arazz:

P.S. Kyle aka Comeback, it was worth quitting Mvc2 for those girls we met in the mall. Me and Julian had plenty of fun, and with more to come. (Get my drift?)

hell yea i do man hope you guys come up for the next one we hold

wtf? hella props!

good shit crack

lol, i totally didn’t see the date and i thought this was happening AT EVO east…
plus no car… ;_;