Evo East Guilty Gear/Side Tourney Results

GGXX/ Teams~
1st Team Chaz (Chaz (IN), Andrew (KY), Flash (JA))
2nd Team Marlin (Damian (AB), Jamie (TE), Marlin (ED))
3rd Steve Harrison (KY)… got third fucking place by himself.
4th Team Josh (Shibuya (OS), Tony B. (AN), NerdJosh (FA))
5th Team Lincoln (Lincoln (SO), ??? (ZA), Charles (MA))
5th Team Eli (Girlbitch Buri (SO), Shazay (SL), Mamation (KY))

GGXX/ Unofficial Singles~
1st Flash (JA, MA)
2nd Kyohei (ED, KY, maybe more?)
3rd-rest don’t remember sorry.

HnK Singles~
1st Tianyaun (SHIN)
2nd Nestor (TOKI)
3rd Mamation (JAGI/REI)

Melty Blood Singles~
1st Xaqshinor (Arcruied)
2nd Zaelar (Ciel)
3rd Jamie (Nero)
4th Chibi (Hisui)
5th Damian (Ciel)

Big Bang Beat~
1st: XAQShinor (twin bitches)
2nd: D Nyce (Dictator Potemkin)
3rd: Master Chibi (That crazy knife guy)
4th: Zaelar: (twin bitches again)
5th Gunflame Buri (Kunagi)
5th: Mr. Mamation (Sena)

nice there was a big bang beat tourn thats awesome!!!

WHAT THE FUCK? Let me find out Shibuya ranks. Its rape. Good shit my niggas. Tony B and Shibuya.

team loliz represent

also nice to see some jagi action guyz

Good shit flash.

Where the fuck are the Blitzkampf results?

And oh yeah, I hate team format.

Melty blood fifth was a tie between Chaz(hisukoha) and BBhood(Arc). Damian and Hyperhal got seventh.

Akatsuki was something like

1)Zaelar (Myacle/Akatsuki)
2)Chibi (Anonym)
3)Mike (Akatsuki)
4)Xaq (Sai)

I don’t remember Mike’s online name. I also don’t have the bracket.

That’s dope. Why didn’t he enter with other people though?

Who has the real brackets? Full results would be awesome.

And Mike = Yupingi.

His team didn’t show up. My team was going to take him but to avoid drama it didn’t happen.

GG Highlight


Marlin beats Flashes Jam

1-0 Marlin

(FlashMetroid picks may) Marlinpie looks over and says “Thnx I own may for free”

3-1 Flash Wins

Marlin leaves to talk shit about FlashMetroid with his team


PS - Flash “Free Money” Metroid…SURE!!!


I think you got fifth if thats what you were wondering.

good shit petey

Tianyuan: Good stuff owning me and taking HNK even with the handicap. GGs

Did you have to open up any gates for Marlin? :rofl:

so there wasn’t an offical GGXX Slash tournament???

Teams was, singles wasn’t.

Can’t wait for Steve’s evo moment vid, lol.

nah son didnt even take off the weights:rofl:

Mia Babyyyy

good games to everyone i played, hopefully ill see some of you at TGA soon
keep practicing and stay focused for EVO world

I feel like such a dork for getting that naruto reference. Me getting ready to watch a couple episodes however doesn’t…

And fix the melty blood results Mamoth~