EVO East IMPORTANT Transportation Announcement


There is no such thing as a shuttle from Laguardia Airport to the location of EVO East. This has been confirmed by a few players who bought tickets and decided to call the hotel ahead of time, instead of just leaving it to chance. The drive is something like 45 minutes so I was pretty surprised when people started posting that there would be a shuttle. The approximate cost of a taxi ride from the airport is $140 ONE WAY.

This might create a HUGE transportation issue. I know that for one, NKI just got tickets and is now looking for a ride from Laguardia to the location of EVO East. He is arriving at the airport at 9:30am Saturday. I am unable to help him because I will already be accomodating several players at my house and I will be unable to leave.

So, two things:

  1. If you were planning on getting a shuttle ride, I suggest you seriously start looking for transportation elsewhere. The shuttle does not exist.
  2. If anybody can hook up my bro NKI with a ride to/from EVO East, that would be appreciated as well.


Holy shit, what?? Are you serious? I already reserved a ticket for that shuttle ride and they’ve charged me for it already. Is that shuttle company lying? Are they scamming us?

I’ll be arriving at La Guardia on Friday at around 10:00 a.m. If anyone can volunteer to pick me up and bring me to Stamford, I can cancel the shuttle ticket. Otherwise, I might have to trust that there actually is some magical, mythical shuttle that goes from La Guardia to the Westin Inn.

  • James

Wtf, I’ve talked to TWO people now who have called the Westin Inn and they said the person there said there is no shuttle service. I know they’re not BSing me because NKI was one of them and he’s super-trustworthy.

Now I’m starting to think that only certain people at the hotel have any idea what they’re talking about.

Was there a certain # you called? How much did you pay? Do you remember the name of the person you talked to? Hopefully we can get some info out in the open to help people out.

When I talked to the hotel rep, she said that the hotel does not provide shuttle service to/from LGA. I’m sure there are probably 3rd party shuttle services (like the one James hooked up), but from reading the Evo East thread, I was under the impression that the hotel had a free shuttle service to/from LGA.

The hotel rep did say they have a shuttle service, but that it only goes to “downtown”, and when she said that, I assumed she was talking about downtown Stamford, not downtown NYC.

But yeah, she specifically said no shuttle service to/from LGA, and when I asked her how to get to/from the airport, she suggested a cab for $140. :sad:


You ladies need to relax.

I’m not sure where the inital talk about the hotel shuttle came from, but how about doing a little checking before having a hissy fit? And no, talking to somebody who talked to somebody else’s cousin who once stayed there doesn’t count.

What seems clear so far: the hotel doesn’t a free service to an airport 30 miles away. That’s not unusual. The subsequent conclusion the ONLY way to get there is a cab, which will cost some insane amount of money, etc., is a liiiiittle premature, especially since James has ALREADY BOOKED a shuttle to do exactly this. Rather than assuming that this shuttle is a scam (?!?!?) based on some unrelated remark made by some random person, let’s start from there.

Hotel shuttles are not the only shuttle services. In fact, the entire area around NYC is FULL of shared-service shuttles that will drive you just about anywhere, usually with door-to-door service, for around 20$. I’ve taken a lot of them myself. A reservation is a good idea if you’re getting in late, but there are lots of times I’ve just landed and found one headed in my direction with no prep.

There’s also the train. I don’t know anything about the train, except that the stop is across the street from the hotel, and it connects to Grand Central Station (so it probably is also connected to about 12 million other places).

This is just to say that the entire content of this post is “the hotel does not run a free shuttle from the airport.” There are still lots of other ways to get there that aren’t going to cost you a billion dollars. Now back to your regularly scheduled freak-outs…


Thanks Seth. You always come to the rescue when my panties are in a bunch. :lovin:

I hope you take offense when I say this:

You’re an asshole.

No information whatsoever was provided on transportation to EVO events…even for ECC I had a big section that explained common ways to get to the Break.

Then when somebody says they called the hotel and they told them there’s no shuttle…this is not imaginary, it DID happen…you come on here and basically insult them to the point that, if I didn’t know you in real life, I would be pretty furious.

When are you going to learn that trying to act smarter and better than everyone else just makes you look like a douchebag? In real life, Seth, you are a pretty cool guy, but online you are just a horrible fucking person.

Last time I checked, constantly insulting the fanbase you are trying to attract to your tournament doesn’t help anything. Especially since this is a pretty serious matter, when according to comments made by EVO STAFF in official threads led everyone to believe there WAS a free shuttle service to EVO East.

I’m not even trying to be egotistical here, but you should pretty much be grateful that someone like me is staying on top of your shit…this is the 5th major problem I’ve helped you to identify and fix for a tournament that I have no organizational involvement in…and even though you may think that we’re all just “freaking out,” sometimes it’s worth it to freak out to make sure that PLAYERS DONT GET STRANDED. Because I actually care about the people who attend EVO, although you may not.

You can always get there by mass transit. I live about 20 minutes away from LGA by walking distance. You won’t have to cab there ALL the way to Stamford…there are several buses and mass transit options that connect you to Grand Central from here. If you guys really need more detail, I’ll post up, because the NYC transit system might be a bit overwhelming to out of towners. But it should be no problem to take a bus -> train to Grand Central -> Metro-North to Stamford. There are no trains at the airport but they’re all within 20 minutes away by bus/taxi/whatever.

Sabin, that would be dope if you could kick down some more details. I don’t know the NYC transit system at all, so I’d like to have a detailed back-up plan just in case I can’t get a ride from someone.

Okay, cool. I guess the Westin Inn themselves do not provide anything. I am using a third-party shuttle service, I guess Westin Inn would assume to responsibility for the shuttles and wouldn’t claim it as their shuttle service, thus the confusion.

In any case, I used the shuttle service that was given to me in the Evo East thread. It’s costing me 50 bucks to shuttle that distance. Probably a bit much for some, but it’ll work for me.

  • James

I’m taking the train from Grand Central > Stamford with a friend.
From what he told me

During peak hours costs 15 bucks, during off peak hours cost 10 bucks, one way.

As far as the buses and subways are concerned, I have no clue. Sorry, I don’t live in Manhatten.

If you are flying in to JFK there is nothing to worry about. The Air Train goes right to the terminal. It’s like 5 dollars, runs 24/7, and takes you to Jamaica Station. Then take the LIRR to Penn Station. There are like 900 trains going through Jamaica and half of them are all bound for Penn Station. Penn Station is the last (and usually only) stop, just get off with everyone else.

At Penn Station you can either walk to Grand Central Station or take the subway up to Times Square and take the S Shuttle. Then get on the Metro-North to Stamford. It should not be terribly difficult even if you are not familar with the transit system.

If it is your first time in the city, I would recommend walking from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. You can either walk down 34th street and see MSG and the Empire State Building, or walk up 7th Avenue and see Times Square and Broadway. (People from the city will tell you it’s too far to walk; ignore them, they are lazy).

Yeah the walk will probably talk half an hour at most, and you get to see some great parts of the city while doing so, I say that’s the way to go.


a half hour walking wit bags in ur hand??? that could suck!

Moprizzle - Thanks for the info. Would you be able to kick down some info for folks flying into LaGuardia too…?

If you want to go by cheap public transportation, I think your only option coming from LaGuardia is to take a bus. I know the Q48 bus picks up at the terminal and eventually makes its way to Flushing. At Flushing you can take the subway all the way to Grand Central Station. It only goes in one direction. Try to take an express if there is one.

There are probably other busses that go straight to Manhattan as well as other busses to connect you to other subway lines. I’m not sure what the quickest bus is to get you to a subway. If someone knows a more direct route please post up. Bus to subway is probably the cheapest way to go. There is no reason to waste money on a taxi.

LaGuardia is not as big and nice as JFK, and I don’t know if you can buy a Metro card there. I haven’t ridden the bus in years, but last time I did they only accepted exact change. And by change, I mean coins. I think it’s only like 2 bucks to ride. And then the subway will be 2 bucks.

I live 40 minutes from NYC but at least twice a month I make the trek there with a big ole dufflebag with my stick and etc in tow and walk a good hour or so’s worth.

You just don’t drive in NYC. Walking in NYC is half the reason of just being there man.

Even if you’ve got half your body weight thrown over your back.


Either way, traffic in NYC = a bitch.

Mopreme already nailed it. From LaGuardia You can also take the Q19B bus (which is a 5-10 minute walk from the terminal), - it takes you to Junction Blvd train station, on the 7 line. From there, you can catch the 7 train which takes you directly to Grand Central, then takes you to Stamford.

So yeah, for buses, Q48, or Q19B (if you want to walk slightly outside the station) is your best bet. Ther eare also express buses that take you to Grand Central I believe, but if you’re

Q48 bus drops you off at the 7 train also - Main Street Flushing station. Takes about 30 minutes to get there by bus…it’s the last stop in Queens on the Flushing line, just sit on the train all the way until you hit Grand Central (it’s one of the last stops). The bus runs from 4:30 AM to 1AM, so mostly everyone should be covered.

Q19B drops you off at the 74th Street Roosevelt station (on the last stop of the route) - which is a bit closer to Grand Central, but it’s still in Queens.

If you need to check the local rail system website here, it’s www.mta.info

Oh yeah, I don’t think they sell metrocards at LaGuardia…it’s best to bring exact change for the bus ($1.50-2 for the bus, and another $2 for the train ride to Grand Central.)

Mopes and Furby, thank you both very much!

<3 <3 <3