EVO East info released (FINALLY!)

Evo East
July 15 - 16
The Westin Stamford Hotel
One First Stamford Place
Stamford, Connecticut 06902

Stamford is a great choice, it’s easily within driving distance for anyone in the Tri-State area. It’s also great for me because this thing is in my backyard…I can just drive home every night…ownage!

It’s about time we got this info. Keep checking http://www.evo2k.com/east for full updates on registration and such as it is made available.

UPDATE: Registration is now available, go to http://www.evo2k.com/east/register to pre-regsiter for this event.

Registration info:

Early bird registration MUST be performed before July 1st in order to save!

Early-bird registration through paypal: $20 cover charge

If you register after July 1st you will have to pay a $30 cover charge.

Also, if you do not have a credit card or bank account and cannot use Paypal, you can still pre-register by printing out a pre-registration page that reserves your games. However, the registration fee in this case is $30.


CT is like 4 hour train ride from NJ, not too bad. Was hoping for someplace closer, but oh well.

Should be able to go.

House me DSP :D!

so evo it self though is still not annouced yet… grumble mummble

from where u had that tourney in nj its under a hour drive

To Inkblot (Other thread got locked):
<— Koda Kumi

can I use MetroNorth or a bus from NYC? No car for me unfortunately.

The hotel is very conviently located within walking distance from the Stamford stop on Metro-North, from what I understand.

IIRC, Stamford is one the early stops on the CT line. The site seems to say that a one-way ticket is 9.25 bucks for off-peack ticket, 12.25 during peak hours, from Grand Central Terminal.

i thought this was supposed to be the NY regional
"Our next stop is New York, another home of champions, including four time world Marvel vs. Capcom 2 champion Justin Wong. Once again, the top players from New York will earn a crucial top seed in the world tournament."

i mean conn. isn’t that bad, but for only a weekend, why not choose somewhere in NYC?

Umm… cuz NYC is mad expensive, no where to park, traffic is a bitch, etc.

oh yeah, did I mention that it is expensive?

Stamford looks to be 30 min from NYC, and is on a major rail/metro line. This news is great.

evo in my backyard? 30 mins from my house, too fucking good… ill be there even if i dont play anymore… someone’s gotta cheer exo on!

if i somehow decide i can go, can i bunk w/you DSP? i’m the shitacular vega player with the orange hat. :tup:

i’ll have tetris ds with me!

Ugh, man. Just ugh. Connecticut over NY, only because NY is expensive?
And Vegas isn’t? Give me a fucking BREAK.
Whatever. Just get this shit in New York next year. And please try to set the dates earlier, instead of putting it in on the last minute.

im cool with the whole ct thing, but its the fact that it was stated as NY, if it was never going to NY cause it is too expensive…“and vegas isn’t” - shotokan
the it should have been just evo east.

My bad, I was under the impression it was quite farther away.

Still, T7 is literally the next weekend so I’ll see how this goes.


will ppl plz stop with all the “ugh its not in ny” bitching, nothing could be locked in ny for the time frame noone is saying that it was to expensive just no place could in ny could be arranged to have evo for the date that they were looking. I dont see noone else here trying to organize 3 major tournies for that everybody on both coasts can attend

They shouldn’t advertise the damn thing, then! If they say they’re going to hold a qualifier in NY, then they should. I understand why they couldn’t do it, and I’m not surprised, but I’m still disappointed as hell. Here’s hoping for Evo2k7 Quals in NY.

why is NY bitching? Everyone on the rest of the EC has to come all the way from where ever for this. Realistically it should be in DC or VA which is the midpoint of the east coast.

NY is the easiest place to get to on the EC. Every form of transportation either goes to NY or casinos, lol. I would’ve rather it be in NY myself because you can always get there mad cheap. Even though i live close to DC, i’d still want it to be in NY becuase of all the things you can do besides playing games.

It SHOULD be MD or VA, but they originally advertised NY. I’m just pissed because I planned to have lots of friends stay over my apt, so hotels wouldn’t be an issue.
Also, cosign w/ caliagent.

stfu already. CT is very close to NY and you are still bitching… just be happy the shit is on your coast.

The Majority of marvel players on the EC is from NY so i dont see why its not in NY.