Evo East mvc2 results

Winners 1. Smoothviper (Santhrax | Storm, Cable, Sentinel) vs. Justin Wong (Santhrax) - Justin 2/0
Winners 2. Yipes (MSP | Santhrax) vs. Chunksta (Santhrax) - Chunksta 2/0
Winners Finals. Justin Wong (Santhrax) vs. Chunksta (Santhrax) - 2/0

Losers 1. Sanford Kelly (Santhrax) vs. Pigadoken (Santhrax) - Sanford 2/0
Losers 2. Infinite (Santhrax | Rowtron) vs. Demon Hyo (MSS) - Demon Hyo 2/1
Losers 3. Sanford Kelly (Santhrax) vs. Yipes (Santhrax) - Sanford 2/1
Losers 4. Demon Hyo (MSS) vs. Smoothviper (Santhrax | MSP) - Demon Hyo 2/1
Losers 5. Sanford Kelly (Storm, Cable, Sentinel | MSP) vs. Demon Hyo (MSS | Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops) - Sanford 2/1
Losers Finals. Sanford Kelly (MSS) vs. Chunksta (Santhrax) - Sanford 2/1

Grand Finals. Justin Wong (Santhrax) vs. Sanford Kelly (Santhrax) - Sanford 3/2
Grand Finals 2. Justin Wong (Santhrax) vs. Sanford Kelly (Santhrax) - Sanford 3/1

Sanford Kelly is the winner

I’m not sure on the teams. I’m not a Marvel player - sorry.

Good shit getting third, Chunk

Good shit Jal.

damn cant wait for these vids


Damn sanford first FRX now evoeast good shit man and good job to everyone how was in on mvc2 on east and west coast.

Wow, maddest props to Chunk!

Beat Yipes and got a game off Sanford. That’s crazy.


Please let there be vids.

good shit chunk and albert!

Team Tourney, winner was Nelson AKA Remix Is Toxic, Smoothviper and yiipes, funny thing about this yiipes didnt play througout the whole Team tourney, Remix and Erik Where cleaning house.

chunk, good shit bro getting 3rd, mad credit to there team, with blaze/jon getting third aswell

Good shit to everyone I had alot of fun BILL is the Sanford killer:sad::wgrin:

whatever happened to bustin bong…


I have mvc2 top 8 direct feed encoding as we speak

Marvel was nuts. Sanford does A LOT of stuff that makes no sense at all.

Matches were taped (not by me sadly, my battery ran out) by a couple folks from what I saw and the EVO Staff taped as well for what I assume will be DVD footage.

Personally I thought last year’s finals were just that much better with Sanford’s Godly Reset.

You wanna know what happen? He got fucked up by me… THATS WHAT HAPPENED!

GS Chunk. Rep that NorCal Marvel!!

Sanford’s year…

You are a god amongst mortals.