Evo East Mvc2 Top 8 Vids are finally up!

MEGA PROPS to SHINSHAY for uploading the vids! His editing was awsome and that smooth music. It puts you in some sort of calm before the match starts while you anxiously wait for it to start. I know all of u want to hear the “Chris Matrix” Mvc2 commentary, which I believe he will do at EVO vegas as well.

Btw, he also did name editing, so you can see who’s fighting.:lovin:

What else… lets see… Oh! Shinshay also put up the 3s Top 8 vids from evo east as well.

Link to vids

Commentary sucked. That shit was CVS2 boring. You need bryheem back. Good shit on the matches though.

Yeah I dont care for the commentary very much.

Yipes just impresses me all the damn time.

Yea, I know Bryheem is the true voice of Marvel, but you atleast gotta give Chris some credit. Hopefully Bryheem will make it out to evo this year, so we can have him commentate with chris.

"and they choose msp msp the 50 - 50 matchup!"
i lol’d irl. me and chris matrix are doing commentary, if bryheem is there he will too OF COURSE. its gonna be legendary.

Bryheem doesn’t commentate. He is more like a fan watching a boxing match and he got his life’s savings on the line. Anyway my commentary is godlike CHEA!

LOL! Yea, Desmond’s commentating is too funny! He should do it with chris too!

Wow. Good stuff Demon Hyo and Yipes.

The commentary IMO was pretty good. Bryheem is the greatest commentator ever though, 3/4 of the time you don’t even know what the hell he’s even talking about, which makes it top tier.


Give this man the mic and watch your tournament triple up in attendence. The one and only…

Is The man you guys are talking about the Guy commentating when sanford beat justin finally. if so that man is hype.


were any vids of the evo east ggxx slash not finals recorded like some random people on the low or something cause there were some really good players dat didn’t get to make it to the finals that should have been seen.

Yea, but I think the Cannons have all of that stuff.

thanx hyo

anyone have all the vids in one zip file so i can download?

LMAO dragongod4, i guess that means u got banned at least 3 times before this shoryuken account

this thread is the marvel sex and it needs to be bumped.

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do you know where to find SF3rd strike and Cvs2?