Evo East: My Thoughts (Part 2) and PHOTOS

Here is the continuation of my thoughts on Evo East. Don’t forget to read Part 1:

Part 1
Part 2

If you wanna go directly to the photos, here is the link to that. Note that for every picture, if you click on the “All Sizes” button above the picture, you can view the picture at its full size, and do a right-click/save-as. That way, if you want to save any of the pictures for yourself, you can get it at full size:

Evo East 2006 Photos

I did my best to list people’s names and such, but will intentionally leave out a lot of names. If you see I’ve gotten any names wrong or know the names of anyone else on the pictures, feel free to leave a comment and let me know who everyone is. And if you see yourself in any picture and want yourself pointed out, leave a comment on the picture’s page so I know exactly which photo you are referring to. (Note: Once again, I will monitor the comments religiously, so I only wanna see people play nice, now, okay? Got it? Thanks.)

[part 2 link edited - FMJ]

Good shit james! what kinda camera you got man? See you at evo finals man

Btw, link for Part 2 in James Chen’s post is wrong. The correct link is:


Thanks, G.Sephiroth, for pointing that out. And thanks FMJ for fixing it.

And Ruin, I’m using a Canon PowerShot SD700 IS. Great small point-and-click camera.

  • James

Excellent read, thanks for posting. =)

In response to the part 2 blog, let me reiterate:

Fuck Daigo, and anybody else who gets in my way. The belt is coming home to CT.

Looks at part 1 I see Fubarduck is still breathing.

yo james its me smoothcat. it was really nice meeting you at evo east. Your like the nicest person that ever lived lol. hope i see you at evo finals free drink on me


smoothcat is a beast team hate baby

man that guy must be a dickface

and he never responded to my pm about tv tuner cards dickface 2x

James is really not that nice. You should see him when he’s angry… ooh scary!

What Ed says is really not a joke at all.

  • James

Yeah, nobody wants to witness the Chensor Berserker Rage Assault :slight_smile:

Good read James! So the real question is if it winds up being Cammy-Cammy on the big screen, do we rock-paper-scissors for the forward color?