EVO East nationals info?


It’s now approximately a month untl the EVO East Coast qualifier…at least I hope, since if we take off a weekend in August it would be too close to take off another weekend to get to EVO world finals…

Anyways, posting this thread AGAIN since nobody seemed to take any kind of notice last time…

Everybody on the East Coast wants to know when/where the East Coast EVO qualifiers will be held. Now we’re flirting with a month in advance, which is ridiculous, when you consider that we all need to reserve hotel rooms, rides to the tournament, time off from work etc…

Unless you only care about NYC players, who can obviously go since they’re the closest to this tournament.

Please, PLEASE post info about EVO EAST A.S.A.P. I’m literally begging you. If you don’t post by the time ECC comes around, you are literally limiting the audience this tournament could get by about 1/2.



Seconded. Some of us need to know the date so we can put in a request to get off of work that day.


we need the LV EVO date too, THIS year…I WILL pay $150 less!! i need the dates for work too


Still waiting…beginning to wonder if something is wrong with the venue or something…


agreed on both lv date and this date… My freinds cant really take time off work if its not in advanced. And I just saw $174 dollar tickets and passed em up to las vegas…



Is this even happening anymore?


They should just make ECC results stand as EVO-East results.


thats stupid lol


I agree, but so is announcing a tournament less than a month before it is likely to take place.




This and EVO Vegas need to be announced immediately…


it will be announced tomorrow


including hotel deals for vegas? :slight_smile:


Yay, that’s good newz :smiley:


It’s tomorrow!

Waiting for ECC to end? Well…good shit!


EDIT: It’s now 2:25pm on the East Coast, 12 hours to go SRK…


It’s 4pm here. Come on, guys! PLEEEEEZ!


sorry forgot today was a holiday, its the next business day. so tomorrow early morning.



Good job Joey!

I REALLY hope there’s an update tomorrow for your sakes!


One more week


Here we go again…

6 1/2 hours left to post on the East Coast! WILL SRK LIVE UP TO ITS WORD?!?!?

Funny, I completely kept my word to everyone who was involved with ECC and it’s pre-registrations, tournament info and such…we had a schedule finalized and set over 90 days before the real tournament, even WITH all the drama of having to cancel Tekken and move Guilty Gear to Sunday, and then trying to work with Chris Cotty to get all the room in the Break for consoles…

Yet for something that’s supposed to be a “world tournament” they can’t even get their act together and post basic info about the dates and location of their tournament. Let alone the schedule for games, entry fees, and everything else people need to know to take time off of work and start saving up for this.

The West Coast national qualifier was announced almost a month ago…but when it comes to the East Coast, things always seem to go wrong for SRK…HHHHMMMMM…