EVO East nationals info?

Dude, take some ritalin. The page will be up shortly. For those of you who cannot possibly wait one more instant:

Evo East
July 15 - 16
The Westin Stamford Hotel
One First Stamford Place
Stamford, Connecticut 06902

We will have a hotel block just like we have for Evo West. Stay tuned for the Evo East webpage.

i thought it would be in NY :sad:

This was as close as we could get this year. We’ll do better next year.

Who’s that chick in your avatar?

what r u talking about do better the westin hotel is a excellent choice for many reasons

1)the train station is across the street from it
2)it is a nice hotel(but I live 15 mins away)

Oh mother f’er. Now I have to change my avatar. lol.

Where is Vegas?

vegas hopefully will be announced this week if everything goes right.

niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, evo only like 30 mins from where i live, atleast this time i don’t have to stay in a hotel or anything…sweet

Biggest CT tourne ever? My magic 8ball says “all signs point to yes”

Please use the new thread until the official one is started, or maybe that will become the official one: