Evo East Pool Format

As of the close of online registrations, there are less than 64 people in the highest turnout tournament. As a result, we’re using these rules for Evo East to run a smoother, more timely tournament:

  1. For tournaments with more than 32 players, the field will be divided into 4 pool of players. The winner of the winner’s bracket and the winner of the loser’s bracket will advance directly to the finals. There will be no semi-finals bracket.

  2. For tournaments with less than 32 players, there will be 1 pool with the top 8 players advancing to the finals.

  3. In either case, losses will not reset in the finals on Sunday.


Just to avoid confusion, I’ll add that this is effectively no different at all from the EVO West format. The only difference is that we don’t reshuffle all the surviving names into a new bracket when we get down to the top 32. You still play the same number of matches against opponents who have survived just as far.

Good luck to all.


gotta question…wit the people in a tourney less than 32 is it still double elimination or single???

double elim as always.

A little off topic but I have a question. If someone wants to come to the event but isnt competing in the qualifiers itself do they still have to pay Registration fee to get in. I would assume not but I need to know!

<kryonik> ponder
<kryonik> is it $45 just to get in the door
<Ponder> no, it’s free to get in the door
<Ponder> if you want to play in anything, it’s $40 for your first tournament and $10 each additional tournament

its free to spectate.

Evo East Registration Form reciept help!

Thank you! Now I have one more question in regards to Evo East but this one is actually important.
To Ponder, Wizard, or Seth: I registered for Evo East back in May early June so I got the early bird registration with the total of the Event/entrance fee for the tournaments on that receipt. I dont have a printer so I wasnt able to print up “THAT” receipt at the time. It says on the official registration page to bring the registration receipt and then pay with cash. The paying with cash part is not a problem the problem is I cant find anywhere on that site where I can bring up my registration info, to submit it to them (you).
I definetly got the early bird registration and will not pay for any aditional fee’s if I already registered. I sent pm’s to Seth and Wizard already but just to play safe Im posting here as well as I dont want any problems when it comes time for me to register (in person)
Any help/info on this matter would greatly be appreciated asap!
Thank You!


I’m actually in the same spot. I do not have a printer at home and when I made my reservations and registered, I had no option but to go on without printing.

Then again, not to toot my own horn, but I’d think that people would know who I am. :slight_smile:

i think you dont need to print…if you check out all the people that registered for the tourney you will probably see ur name…i think when u go to the tournament just show your id to prove that is you and then u set…im in the same boat so i hope showin my Drivers license will work.

Ya same here, but since i dont have a printer i copy and paste the info to ms word so Wiz or anyone high up if that sign up paper is so important i have no problem sending u the text file via e-mail or over aim. Just let me know wat to do that way everything goes smoothly.