EVO East Predictions

UPDATE: 7/12/06 Only a few days til EVO East, I decided to update, so feel free to flame so I can make fun of you all some more.


  1. Justin Wong (duh)
  2. Yipes
    3-4. Josh Wigfall or Demon Hyo
    5-8: Probably a combination of any of these: Xecutioner, Isaac fucking Graham, Vegita-X, Magneto-X, Power-DN, random NYC heads, or totally random players. There are so many serious marvel players on the east coast, you never know.


  1. Justin Wong, because Nestor is not in the USA.
  2. Smoothcat.
    3-8: Damien, Tony Barnhill, VDO, Arturo, and mad random players that come from far away places


  1. DSP. EDIT: OH NOES NKI IS COMING! I’m still winning.
  2. NKI or Jeron. I firmly believe Jeron is good enough. And he’s actually practicing (look at MWC results). I’m just wondering if NKI has any tricks up his sleeve. I think this will be a great match to be honest.
  3. NKI or Jeron
  4. David Spence or Justin Wong. Why is Justin so low? One reason: No O.Sagat. That’s the only character he can win with in tournament, unless it’s already a counter match a-la ECC results vs. NKI’s Chun and Justin’s Ryu. EDIT: ALSO there is a strong possibility that Henry Cen might beat Justin, which would be interesting for sure.
  5. David Spence or Justin Wong
  6. Henry Cen. ALTHOUGH if he actually practices, he could come out higher and surprise us all…I guess we’ll have to see.
    7-8. Total toss up between some known faces (Todd Dwyer, Phi if he goes, Flash G, Bill Gould) and new faces (I know a few players in CT who are actually gunning for a spot…as well as some Mass. players who have been practicing)


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Issei
    3-4. Fubarduck/Mopreme
  3. Flash G (if he decides to enter). OR, John might decide to beast and beat some of the above. He’s done it before…
  4. KOFiend
  5. Exodus
  6. Random chances, but the pool definitely includes players like Arturo, Smoothcat, Paul Wall, and a few others depending on who comes, who gets lucky, and who picks Chun (faggots).

GGXX: Who cares, game is gay.


  1. Perfect Legend
    2-8: Other DOA4 players
    Last: DSP (because I decided to forfeit all my games and not play so I can focus on SF)

MKDS: Who cares, the game is all powersliding faggotry. EDIT: Actually, I’m not ignorant, I know what I’m talking about. Please play online or against anybody who knows what they’re doing, and you’ll see what I mean.

justin wong/issei suzuki
john flash gordan/khang exodus tran/ryan fubarduck harvey/henry cen
josh mrquotes sunarso/paul pjc wall/eric shinshay lee

DoA4: HATRIFY!1111

1.issei coming from losers

1.justin since nestor isn’t signed up
3.whoever plays

1.not dsp
2.not dsp
3.not dsp
4.maybe dsp


2.don’t know
3.dont’ know

the japs going to TGA tourny are going to be at evo east?

Okay. Here’s my predictions…

  • I’ll do well in Hyper SF
  • I’ll do okay in 3S
  • I’ll do terribly in CvS2
  • Jeron is going to get spanked in Tobal 2 by yours truly =P
  • I’ll show aggressive tactic in Saturn Bomberman
  • Phi and I will consume wayyyyyy too much alcohol for one night, then beat some fools in Super Spike V’Ball

My prediction… That I can drink both Todd and Phi under the table, and then take them out in Super Spike V’ball for the win. :wink: I’ve never played Super Spike V’ball, but I know my drinking skills are top tier compared to Phi’s :slight_smile: haha

Who is Issei? The Yun from Japan? What’s he doing on the EC?


3-8 im in here somewhere =)

2-8 im in here somewhere =)


1.AlexG, FlashMetroid, Chaz
2.who knows

Flash you and 2 other of your choice for money i say 30 bucks a head?


Me/Kugler/Ken I

I have to talk it over with them though. But are you down? You and any other 2s but no japs :smiley:

going to school at nyu i believe

Sanford isn’t coming to EVO east. He has work on those days.

Sure =)

damn if you in there then im at least two spots ahead of you.

nestor wont be coming.

2.pal wal

Minor correction DSP.

Omar Briggs is the short black guy that shows up at CF once in a blue moon and plays marvel, not CvS2, and i haven’t seen him in like a good 5 months. He rarely plays these days.

K Groove Omar(can’t remember last name) is the tall black guy that has a really good K Rock. But I talked to him and he’s not sure whats going on with evo. He just got back from Japan and now uses N-Akuma/Ken/Hibiki, and he said he still needs to practice some stuff. So yeah, he doesn’t know what he’s doing from what he told me so far.

But I agree 3-8 is going to be random. I just think it’ll end up being just about the same people from ecc results, minus the Canadians(if they’re not going).

i predict rabite ocvs all gg teams for fun

lol we know that isnt gonna happen

ken I is coming to evo east? nice.

ain t no wc gaunlet of death but this looks like its gonna be a dog fight

Ken is going to be wreckless over there.