Evo East Question

I was wondering if they announced yet which games are on which day of Evo East, mainly Smash Melee. Is it on Friday, Sat, or Sun?

no games are done friday night, all game are run saturday i assume like last year

SSBM might be at like 9 am though like mario kart was


all games are friday/saturday and all finals are on sunday.

ive asked wizard numerous times for days and he still hasn’t given us a schedule. you’ll have to bug him.

so it STARTS friday night this time? thats sorta gay >_<

starts friday morning. it runs like all the evo quals - fri/sat are qualifiers, sunday is finals. games are on diff days. which is why ive been trying to get a schedule out of wizard for over a month.


i hope 3s is on sat >_<

I hope your wrong. Starting on early Friday would suck. :bluu:

I totally understand starting games on Friday at Evo world but for the qualifiers?

Evo East ran so smooth last year on Sat/Sun. Why feel the need to add an extra day?

Probably just cause they expect there to be too many people to squeeze it into 2 days.

Honestly, I hope the turn-out is that big.