EVO East Results [Day 1]


W: Hellshadow, Escapingjail, Perfect Legend, OoP Rabies
L: Shad, VirtuaPai, TheHighGuy, Rikuto


W: Justin Wong,Demon Hyo,Lincoln,org
L: Wigfall,Yipes,Infinite, don’t know

Third Strike

W: issei, henry cen, flashg, exodus
L: EricLee\KOF\Mopes\Fubar


W: Paul Wall, Tony Barnhill, Smoothcat Justin Wong.
L: Jeron, Nick T.,FlashMetroid, Umthrfckr

I have no idea if these cvs2 ppl are right.


W: DSP,Julien,Justin,Lincoln
L: NKI, Mike Creque,Seth Killian,Mike Turner


W: Jinmaster, Justin Wong, Rob Gin, ???
L: Spero Gin, animalattacktics, “random Baek player”, ???

Slash - copied from JetEnduro

Team Like a book: MarlinPie(SL)/JetEnduro(KY)/BuriXcrub(BR)
Team Andrew: Andrew(KY)/Chetan(JO)/Drew(SO)
Team NY: Zidanel33t(AN)/KarlKablisk(TE)/Sean(SO)
Team ?: SO/BA/FA

Notes: Team Florida [FlashMetroid/Chaz/Alex G] sent to losers by Jamie Austin’s team early in the tournament and then knocked out by the unkown team. Flash went first and beat the sol, then lost to baiken. Chaz beat baiken and then both Chaz and Alex lost to the Faust. One of the guys from this team also OCVed Team Texas apparently.

cvs2 is paul wall, tony b, flashmet, justin, nick t, smoothcat, jeron and somebody else i forget

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Who put NKI in losers??

Julien, they were in the same bracket, i added a link to dsp’s write up that has more info.

HFSF2:AE highlights:

As a tradition, there was a black bracket of death including David Sirlin, Julian Robinson, NKI, Jeron, Phi, a lot of random players including somebody I train with in CT, and a few others. Julian cleans house with CE Bison pretty convincingly, although the funny thing is that he doesn’t know how to do the lockdown/trap at all. I was lucky enough to NOT be in that bracket. NKI, as usual, only used ST Chun.

My bracket had Mopreme, Todd Dwyer and Masaka (Mike Creque). To be totally honest I almost lost to Mopreme’s CE Guile because I got extremely frustrated over missing wall jump attempts (fucking poorly programmed AE) and kept eating kicks. Obviously I was using ST Vega, but I pulled through. Then I beat some random dood with ST Rog and went on to beat Masaka with ST Rog. Highlight: Masaka doing Ryu’s super fireball and me passing through it TWICE with headbutt and then throwing him out of invincibility.

Also of note was Lincoln’s amazing streak with CE Bison. That’s right, I said Lincoln, an MvC2 player who doesn’t play AE. Basically he just jumps around doing random kicks and then random torpedoes…too good. He beat everybody’s ass in his bracket, INCLUDING Seth Killian and Henry Cen, and qualified for winners!

And you read that right, Seth Killian entered AE again even though he already qualified at EVO West and went ahead and qualified AGAIN, but in winners for his bracket.

In CVS2, we have:

Paul Wall, Tony Barnhill, Smoothcat (all of whom are training partners and who are over my fucking house right now haha) and Justin Wong.

In losers is Jeron, Nick T., and a few others I can’t recall right now. I believe one of them is Rob Sigley but I’m not positive.


In my bracket there were a LOT of killers including Lincoln, Josh Wigfall, Remix, and Jay Aldorando (who is from Connecticut, used to be top ranked, and hasn’t played seriously in years). Josh beats me, Lincoln upsets Josh and takes winners, Remix loses and then loses to Jay in a super hype match, then I beat Jay in a super close match (mad respect to him) and then finally I lose to Josh Wigfall again in my usual double jeopardy loss in MvC2. I’m used to it, this is like the third time I lose to Wigfall in a double jeopardy situation in MvC2, no lie. If I won I would have made top 8.


I was in the same bracket as Exodus, KoFiend (why are they ALWAYS in the same bracket?), Todd Dwyer, Renegade, and a few other random people including Bacardi. Exodus owns me, then beats KOfiend in a super close finish (his Ken nails KOFiends Yang with an EX hurricane, KOFiend mistimes the swipe punches and Exodus manages to do a super before KOfiend can react for the win). It comes down to Bacardi and I who have a super-close match, I win and he’s extremely pissed at me because he thinks he’s great at 3s and says he’s the best in Connecticut. Too bad, I took your soul, buddy. I play KOfiend and come super close to winning, I end up missing my Tyrant Slaughter motion TWICE when it would have given me the game and he qualifies.

SO, I qualify for AE winners and come one win from qualifying in both MvC2 and 3s. Bleh.

what happen wit team florida?

I bet on that Guilty Gear!!! damn!

Good luck Nick T!

DOA4 Final 8:

Winners: Hellshadow, Escapingjail, Perfect Legend, OoP Rabies

Losers: Shad, VirtuaPai, TheHighGuy, Rikuto

what do you mean what happend? Stop buying into flashs claims of being the best. Hell if you think about it how many tournments as “the best” even WON? I recall one tournment ever of him winning. Hes not insane or anything.




i qualed in CvS2 not sigley. i beat him twice

Flash was talking so much shit but got near last place, cool!

hah yeah, damn thats funny

Did Justin not play 3S, or did he get beat?

Edit: Nevermind, found out in the “Evo East As It Happens” thread.

H8H8H8!!! it would’ve been the four of us if i was there! hh8h8h8h8~!!

:wow: I can’t believe some of these results, especially in CvS2. GTASF/TOSF should have sent representatives :wow:

Damn I should have went. Paul Wall I didn’t know yall played cvs2!!!


Good shit nick!

yipes good shit, good luck dogg…