EVO East Rooms still available, buy them through the hotel

Hey everyone,

I’ve been staying on top of the hotel situation and it’s now official that the hotel that EVO East is being held at (the Stamford Westin) is COMPLETELY sold out. which means, if you haven’t gotten a room yet, you cannot get your own.

I decided to create this thread to help people out who still need a place to stay for this event. If you need housing, post up. Hopefully this will be a central place where people who already have rooms can find people who are willing to help split the cost.

I need a room from friday night to sunday morning. Have $$$, thanks

There might be floor space for 2 people in the room i’m staying in…

it should only be like 40$ per person for the whole weekend (fri/sat)

3s is going to be the game we will be playing in room… and no weed or underaged drinking or any of that stuff.

i’ll discuss it wit matt.

a few more rooms opened up, book now.

me, quotes, jia, kzai, flare, helegenx, mutantxp, warrior, flaco, jimmy, lil kevin and possibly one more

remember to bring decongestans for quotes (no offense ment)

I got a room, but open to GG and HNK players only. :stuck_out_tongue:
PM me or AIM me for details.

I need a room.

Got $$ as usual.

Changed my mind to go after all at the last minute.

you can sleep in FLs floor if anything

me walbert richel and andrew are coming

Good shit.

Peter… I love you…

NO HOMO:wasted:

i’m in need of a room… and have the money to put toward it too

Talk to me Lay. :tup:

Anybody still got space? I’ve got a rental car I can sleep in if I must… :wink:

i got me and my friend comin and his girl so , if anyone has room for 3 plz say we got $$$$.

of course you can stay with me fam.

his girl can stay with me.

die? =P lol

actually post up a picture first. No fat chicks in my room.

should have hit me up on msn I only live 20 mins from the place

There’s a Super 8 Motel 3 minutes from the venue. We (Team Canada) are staying there as Westin was completely sold out and even after Wiz said rooms opened up they told me “we don’t have that name on our list for rooms anymore.” SNAKEY! Anyway the motel is $90/night and within walking distance so if people are SOL (no pun intended) that’d be a good choice.