EVO East shout-outs/thoughts thread


To everyone who made it out to play AE this weekend, thanks for your donations.

To the EVO Staff: Thank you for running a kick-ass, FAST tournament. Amazing things started on time, we DQed so many people (even known top players) that I think we should post how many actually played for each tournament. Also for taking the effort to run out and buy those 20 standard TVs so we could actually have a tournament worth running. You guys know I’m just looking out for my peoples :lovin: but I didnt’ appreciate the comments during my finals matches that I purposely told people not to go to EVO East so “I would have less comp.” Give me a break. I just dont’ want to see people get fucked over, EVER, because I look out for my fellow gamers. So take that comment and eat it!

Thanks to TEAM HATE for supporting me 100% and giving me some nice extra practice last week. You guys are beasts! I had a great time all weekend, even though I didn’t get enough sleep :wasted: it still all worked out.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to EVO East, despite the near-catastrophy that will forever be known as the LCD TV fiasco, and the fact I posted not to go Friday night. As soon as I heard that replacement TVs were being purchased, I edited my post. It was great to see names like Bill Gould, Chris Li, Scott fucking Hohvanissian, Seth, and lots of others who I don’t get to see much anymore.

Special thanks go out to John and Jamie from CT, who basically gave me the opportunity to practice AE when nobody else wanted to play it. To be completely honest, it was you guys who let me polish my game up for this tourney, and without that I would have gotten raped. THANKS!

Random thoughts:

-What the fuck was up with the ridiculously expensive restraurant downstairs? The food blew and it took them almost 25 minutes to give me my chicken salad sandwich.

-I wish I could have played poker but I knew I wasn’t staying all night and I was really tired anyway. Plus, I can’t shuffle cards :looney: and I’d rather practice AE than shuffling!

-I also wish that CvS2 pools were 2/3 instead of single match. Come on, at ECC we had more people than Evo East and we only had 3 tvs (two that we used at a time actually) and we had 2/3…just because YOU find a game boring doesn’t mean everybody else does.

-I wish that EVO staff wouldn’t complain about sitting around during CvS2 finals. That’s the GAME, it isn’t Marvel, it’s a game where one or two pokes can determine the match. If you don’t understand a game, DON’T speak about it!

-Jinmaster is a faggot and I’m glad I started the Justin Wong fan section during Tekken 5 finals. The kid is not only crazy disrespectful, he says nothing to me in real life (as usual) and then gets raped by a non-Tekken player in the only game he plays. GGPO, tool.

In closing, I only have one thing to say:

Wolfe brothers, Valle, Watson, DAIGO, GIAN, and anyone else who wants to get in my way at EVO World Finals…you’re NEXT!

good shit DSP for talking all that greasy and being able to back it up… i can respect you for that…

and i am curious as why CvS2 pools is still 1 game, where every other game is 2/3. Clearly there is enough stations to run 2/3 simply because at EVO west, there were many stations not even being used.

good job DSP. You backed your shit talk with results. and now can we please get off the LCD TV fiasco? the evo staff fixed it. its over.

Way to go JUSTIN!! (puts on Justin fanboy cap and t-shirt). Taking out the T5 champ with mutha fuckin Feng Wei. That’s what’s up. Can’t wait to see the vids. Man…I need to get back into T5. Christie and Asuka are my bitches.

Good shit again DSP. You may be the King of Hate but you’re on the way to being the king of OG SF. Keep it real old school style. :cool:

:lol: @ Evo staff getting fed up with CVS2. It’s a fun game but…I’ll admit it’s a little boring to watch other people go back and forth for 40 seconds. Fun to play…ass to watch other people play.


a lot of people’s sentiments exactly.

Yeah I was suprised with how well everything ran. Really fast.
The evo staff did all they could to solve the HDtv situation, I was sitting right there, but the only thing they could think of was to buy the TV’s at 2 in the morning. Good stuff.

Okay, brain isn’t fuzzy.

Thanks to:

Sean/Zidane/Karl for letting me room with them. Good shit to Zidane for the crazy Anji stuff during GG teams. It made the marvel heads start betting money, and getting hype over you. Too good. lol

Evo Staff:
Good job running Evo East. Props for fixing the HDtv situation by going out at 2 AM and buying 20 crt’s. Tourny ran smoothly, everything was nice. :tup:

-James Chen-
Hands down, one of the nicest people I have met in this community. All around cool and relaxed guy with the will to help people. Cool meeting you and talking cvs2/tournies/etc.

Marvel heads:

You guys make everything hype.
Props to Matrix for doing announcements during marvel finals.
Yipes for doing some crazy resets and getting third.
Hevad: Get at that Mario Kart money during evo Vegas.


Too funny. Lets order up the 5-5-5-5 deal at dominoes.

John and Jamie from CT:
Thanks for hanging out and playing and to John for lending me his Hori during finals. I need to buy my own.

TGA crew:
Good job at getting 2nd in cvs2. Thanks for the advice along the way. :). Just remember to keep hitting down back.

-Paul Wall-
Good job on getting 3rd in cvs2, and being good with the JD’s.
p.s Call me so I can give you Josh’s number.

-Tony B. and the rest(I forgot names, sorry.)-
Good games. :slight_smile:

Not so thanks to:
The guy who I played during losers finals in my bracket:
You are just a sore loser. No need to say what you said. All I can say is…BAITED!!!

I know i’m forgetting people so i’ll add later once I remember.

shout outs to errbody, it was cool. That Lady who gave out the contest cards was cute. should have sign up though, but yeah it was a good experience.

oh yeah OMG!!!DSP!!! you have to play viscant in that game!!! :smiley:

total choke fest. lots of sad.

congrats top 4 for all games.

see you round…

You have Sean in your av. That means 3S = buttsex for you. You know you like watching hot Chun on Ken action. :razz:

Haha. that was me. GG man. I knew I was going to lose before I played so I decided to have some fun with it. Here’s a bit of my post from another thread about it. Funny that you played the other random A groover that I was talking about in this post (flashmetroid)

Well, I didn’t read that.

I dunno wasn’t really random, just kind of gimmicky. It has its purpose though.

If you set it up correctly, jump up come down activate can be hard to block. You need a character with a fast jump.

first, thanks to the everyone… everyone i encountered were respectful and all around nice people… the evo staff were also really nice, James Chen seemed to manage every pool i competed in and is a good guy… patient as hell…


you had it locked with that bison… i was really impressed… take it for the EC at evo!!


that lightning kick parry was awesome!.. i really thought you were going to go all day, and you probably coulda too, but i guess so could he… i thought you played well too…

worlds are gonna have some sick matches…

good luck to everyone from EC who qualified!!

esp good luck to Justin Wong, penetrating the 3D border… i guess we’re gonna see him placing in all the games now heheh…


-Evo staff-
good shit for fixing the TV problem as quickly as you did… i know everyone was ripshit…but wtf was up with originally banning ryan for his comments? thats pretty bs. The brackets were pretty rough too… seemed like completley random placement and no seeding. Justin… mopreme…issei…will…paul wall in 1 3s bracket… thats bullshit.

-Justin Wong-
Thx for giving me the go ahead to stay with you guys. It really made my weekend. Good casuals too… i actually didn’t completley suck. GS on hooking issei up and wtf with teaching him nigger >_< lol. GS on winning cvs2, tekken and marvel. How much money did u make from this damn tourny? lol 1k?

Stop smoking so much :stuck_out_tongue: j/k. Good shit man, that parry was nice… but you should have seriously just did parry>low forward>EX slashes and went for a mixup IMO. Good matches upstairs too

-Henry Cen-
Just a kool guy to be around. Always in a good mood. Stop supering limbs… unless it’s with chun/ken :stuck_out_tongue:

-Flash G-
GS man… almost beat issei with that denjin… i was hella afraid u were going to win lol. Also another very funny guy.

Stop snoring…or bring your own meds next time :stuck_out_tongue:

-Ryan (fubarduck)-
Good shit man, grats on getting 3rd. A very nice guy and knows A LOT about 3s. Thx for the tips against chun man, i’m gona work on perfecting those crossup midscreen divekicks.

Good to see you again man. Nice as always. Too bad you didnt get to do the contest :stuck_out_tongue: also GS on taking justin out of your pool.

-RI crew-
Good shit everyone. Smooth and paul are beasts in cvs2 and can’t wait to see how they do at evo finals. Gavin and moun good car ride home… lol at moun almost having his head on the dashboard while being asleep.

-Dwayne (amesfall)-
Thx for the ride home man, i really appreciate it.

-returaunt down stairs-
GODLIKE hamburger… get it medium well with well done french fries… omg so good. one of the best burgers i have had… prob top 10. Kobe beef FTW… melts in your mouth.

Spent a lot of time with you. Was a pleasure to meet you and get beasted on by your yun. I learned a lot from watching you play and i can’t wait to perfect what i learned. Sorry sunday was so boring for you… 3s should have been first :-P. Good casuals, good guy and simply a pleasure to spend 50 or so of the 72 hours i was there hanging out with. By the way… dont use nigger… and good luck with your date.

This was my first major tourny and thx to justin, henry, quotes, issei & flash for letting me stay with you.

I learned quite a bit this weekend… the main thing is to bring fuckin decongestans with you to give to people who snore <cough> quotes <cough> :stuck_out_tongue:

64 hours of gaming out of being there 72 hours… good shit evo east

Still kinda tired… Good shit to EVO East!!

Great tourney

yeh, its easy but there was no point, the meter probably wouldn t of filled by the time fubar relized what i was going for.
cro mk fireball sa2/kara/whatever. done. i was just trying to look cool since ryan knew that i was gonna do “i don t care” high parry on the next sequences, otherwise he wouldn t of waited to see the dip forward before throwing, unless its part of a routine he does. i just wish i teched more accurately, its one of the reasons why i jumped 3 times in one of the sequences, didn t wanna stick around if i can t trust it. EX mantis was also a problem i couldn t trust.

o and for the guy askin on aim, demo something, sorry my wireless craps out often and i have to use the on screen kb to type. abnyway here: the second one of the corner double air attacks was a down parry attempt since i knew he knew the set up, ppl who ve never had to deal with it rarely place themselves so that the second hit will whiff unless it was accidental, TWICE(which is doubtful). its been a trend for a while, twins instant air parry backwards into dive, its doable without the parry and i m sure he knows.
ryan is aware, i m a big fubar fan now.

now with khang in the pools, here: last game, last round, he had 1 + 1/2 meter and chippable life, i had EX meter with unchippable amount of life, he jumps toward 1p side, my cro mk made contact with no EX, he empty jumps to 2p side for “i don t care eat super”, i was gonna chip him with EX roll on landing so i started the motion early to meet him but there was a forward input left(that i forgot), without a neutral/anyting but forward i got a mk teleport to 2p side, khang used 2 or 3 kicks for the sa so EX hurricane on my recovering turn around animation, he supers again at the end of it as i was gonna attack, ggpo, either way the roll would of been dead to the sa or a dp so all i did was delayed the loss with a fuck up, the smarter choice was to close fierce the empty jump. i was really surprised that the match was “doable” though, judging from the casuals we had earlier. khang got to second through doing it up and being sexy, he deserves his seed.

now henry cen, this guy played MAYBE 5~10 hours of 3s in the past month to get 4th, too much censei power.
flashg is always how well you assume and then some, mad props for coming very close to peacing issei out with denjin ryu, VERY close match.
justin needs my luck at these things, very unfair bracket. if he did qualify though, we all know he gets scarier the closer he gets to money, kinda like sharks and blood. and of course can t forget the placings in multiple shit.

ok shout outs-
smooth!!! you ll get that smooth landing, i believe in you

paul wall man, bracket of death. its cool though, everyone will see. your a champ ready to rip the cage open i know.

dsp is too much man power, “say your at a bar talking to someone and something will happen and you just wanna choke him…” lol, good shit winning, and thanks for the housing.

tony b is too much man power, teach me mvc2!!!

wilson, bicardi, gavin, james, shankar, ED, eric kim, green ken guy, TGA + VA/MD crew- always a pleasure, stop hurting mofos, is capturing ppl’s souls some kind of trend?

eric lee + khang, always a pleasure, see you two soon.

yipes for making mvc2 look like a damn…reggae party, like fuckin glue man, your matches were the ones issei had to turn around and make sure what was happening was really happening lol

phi- always a pleasure

nki, nice to meet you sir

mark, good stuff, great matches between you, justin and paul wall on sat in the pools

ryan- nice to finally meet you, didn t get to talk to you much but you know, EVO time. cool peeps

marvel, 3s, cvs, slash, and all the cats i m forgetting-
OXYGEN!!! yeh choke fest 2k6 is over, lets hit that lab
OOOOOOOO and mad props for drew and his team in slash, walchuk = too much heat. may 3 2k2 on kaillera for the win!

ORGANIZERS(Cannon Brothers, MrWizard, Seth Killian, Dave Sirlin, James Chen, Mike Turner)
great tourny, great/close location to nyc. great save, great atmosphere. beautiful, beautiful tournament.

man i better do something crazy at evo, played like trash all weekend, i got humbled lol

I know had a great time. Maine will be back to the next one. I’m moving to NY for school either end of this year or in the middle of next.

Shodokan- Thanks for playing casuals with me, that was the first time I had to defend against Genei Jins so I learned a bit how to do that.

Fubarduck- Thanks for teaching me that l.mk -> fireball is never safe against chun with full meter.

Thanks to anyone who complemented me on my sticks.

Oh and S-kill… You only needed my stick for a couple more games, huh? Way to make it into the finals for HSF2. Good shit.

if i can cro. mk through hk lightning kicks then your smoking some good shit.

I didn’t even go but mad shout outs to the C3 boys representing the MD/VA area at the tournament. I had to go to work Monday morning so I couldn’t come out to represent. All in all shit sounds like it worked pretty well outside of nearly falling apart all at the same time. I understand I was being a hardass about shit that went down but that’s just the way I am online. I like to voice how I feel for god knows what reason. The tournament has helped me to realize that I take hella shit for granted and that the fact that Evo got this shit together in the first place is a feat in of itself. This is our time now and we gotta put up at Vegas. :tup:

Exo and Shin placing highly in 3S shows that MD/VA has what it takes to go all out at Evo Vegas. West coast should be wary of what’s coming to them. :cool:

Oh shit, you went. damn should have seen you to play some mvc2.:wonder:

wow, thanks a’lot phil, if i contributed anything to your dominance it is truly an honor, though you still owe me 10% of the pot:wink: i’m up for playing anytime and would like to someday join you on the mountain top.

thanks to min, rsigley, the random marvel players who passed out on the floor and whoever else stopped by room 329. You guys all made evo worth attending especially since i didnt fair too well in the black death bracket=next time i will be fucking people.

also great job to nick T. for making the big stage and for playing with us. let me know if you still need a convertor.

Tony the beast will rise again. nuff said’