Hey all.

I’m planning to hold side tournaments at Evo East. Hokuto No Ken and Guilty Gear Slash singles are a given, but I plan to rep some other games as well!

Friday**(MAJOR EDIT!)**:
Signups from 1pm on.

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (DC)- $2 <-- starts at 4pm
  • Darkstalkers (PS2)- $2 starts at 7pm

Saturday(subject to change):
Signups from 9am on.

  • Guily Gear XX Slash (PS2)- $5 starts at 2pm
  • Hokuto No Ken (PS2)- $5 starts at 7pm

I’d also like to run/help run Melty Blood: Act Candeza if you guys want.

As for tvs, don’t worry: I plan to bring my small TV from web2zone. This just means I can guarantee two TVs to run the tournaments and rep the games.

Let me know if you’re interested!

I might bring a television as well, and in all honesty I’m only going to rep /run MB and play on 4649’s setup anyway, but that sounds good to me.


Alright. What day and time will it be run?

I’ll get back to you on that, but most likely Saturday.

I’ll enter that Darkstalkers tourny so hard. Which one will we be playing?

Uh, dunno yet. It’s chronicles, so more than likely Savior will be standard.

games i’m going to have running for the majority of Evo East for casuals and probably some sort of round robin tourney:
TMNT Tournament Fighters ( ZSNES )

possibles depending on interest and time:
Fighters History Dynamite
Breakers Revenge
World Heroes Perfect
Fatal Fury Special

godDAMN, now I want to go out and get a laptop now

offtopic but 4649, what controller converter would you recommend?

4649, check your Private Messages.

i would say to check and see if you can get ahold of RedOctane’s PS2 to XB/USB/GC converters, they’re pretty good.
Tarkan, i checked, thanks for the interest; i would say the games i mentioned definitely need a tourney scene ( ESPECIALLY Cyberbots; its made by Capcom, why do fools know NOTHING about Cyberbots? Turbovec made a vicious ass wiki guide for it, why are heads sleeping? ), along with some others i’ll try to get you a list of.

I’m positive you’ll get play with Blitzkampf, because I’ll be on that shit all weekend. The rest of Evo East can kiss my ass.


Oh Shit Get That Money!!!

VS and T-Mutha Fuckin F!!!:lovin: :looney:


If you want me to put these vids online i can do so… just give me the VHS tapes before you leave the tourny sunday.

And of course we can all join forces together to rule the universe!!!

Vampire Savior tourny gonna blow up come evo east, and I might see what akatsuki is all about, although I kinda ew at the grafix.

What about some BBB demo tournys? I know it sounds stupid, but that ish is HYPE

edit: Wait, doesn’t it come out the 26th? The day before evo east? Then technically we could have a full tourny.

Well, keep in mind, the game I’m running a tournament for isn’t PURE Vampire Savior, so I don’t know how you guys feel about that. But it’s the closest thing if you don’t have a laptop.

Get Darkstalkers Collection, I’d bring it but I don’t know about being there Friday.

That’s what I was bringing.