EVO East SNK 2007-Its here!


Yes I decided to make my own SNK section thread for EVO East with the direction of NeoPenny etc so I can make sure to get things going etc.

Here are the games and people signed up etc guys sign up!

I can post the rules for those that don’t know yet-

EVO East SNK signups!!!-

SST ****($3)-DG,Hyperhal, God Geese Howard,Rusheddown, Jon Badwolf,gemdoom, Master Chibi, Edpachi
KOFXI ($5)- DG, Jon Badwolf,Rusheddown, Hyperhal, God Geese Howard, OrochiTempest, Nestor, Kayin, rogueyoshi, Shibuya, Master Chibi, Pitchfork, Edpachi, Josh B.
NGBC ($5)- DG, Jon Badwolf,Rusheddown,, God Geese Howard, 4649,OrochiTempest, Edpachi, JeRon,Pitchfork,Hyperhal, rogueyoshi,gemdoom, Master Chibi, Josh B.
KOFNW ($2)-DG, Jon Badwolf, God Geese Howard,Rusheddown,, Sabin, Hyperhal, rogueyoshi, gemdoom,Pitchfork, Master Chibi, Edpachi
World Heroes 2 ****($1)-DG, Caliagent#3,
, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf, Sabin,** Hyperhal,** OrochiTempest,Master Chibi, Edpachi, Josh B.
KOF94 Re-bout ($2)-DG, Kofiend, God Geese Howard,Rusheddown, Jon Badwolf, Sabin, Dxp,Hyperhal, rogueyoshi,JeRon,Julien Robinson, Master Chibi, Edpachi
**KOF96 **- ($1) lol-DG, God Geese Howard,Jon Badwolf, Sabin, Dxp,Hyperhal, OrochiTempest,Rusheddown, JeRon, Master Chibi, Edpachi
PIM2 ($2) -DG, JeRon, Hyperhal, OrochiTempest, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf,Rusheddown, Master Chibi, Edpachi
Waku Waku 7 ($1)- DG,Hyperhal, OrochiTempest, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf,Rusheddown, Master Chibi, Edpachi
**KOF98 **($3) DG, Sabin, dxp, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf, Hyperhal,OrochiTempest, Kayin,rogueyoshi,JeRon,Rusheddown,Master Chibi,gemdoom Edpachi
**Garou-MOTW-PS2 **($3 entry fee)DG, Sabin,God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf, [COLOR=“Cyan”]Hyperhal[/COLOR]
Edpachi, OrochiTempest, Nagata Lock II,Rusheddown, Master Chibi,

We aint done yet…
Fatal Fury Special-(Free) DG, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf, Hyperhal, OrochiTempest,Rusheddown, Master Chibi,Edpachi, Josh B.
**Art of Fighting 2 (Ps2-Free)-DG, God Geese Howard, Jon Badwolf,OrochiTempest,Rusheddown, Master Chibi, Edpachi
Ninja Masters ****($1)- DG, God Geese Howard,
Jon Badwolf,**OrochiTempest,Rusheddown, Master Chibi, Edpachi, Josh B.

Dark Geese’s EVO East SNK Staff (Free registration in EVERY SNK GAME for helping me out with all the tournies!)-

3. Jon Badwolf
4. God Geese Howard
5. Rusheddown
6. Hyperhal
7. Josh Ballard
8. ShinMiyagiX
Question marks mean I think you would be interested in signing up but I ain’t quite sure.

***Pre-Registration deadline has passed and is locked. Sign up at the tourney from here on out!!!

Questions? Feel free to ask!

EDIT PLEASE READ!!!- Here is the Day to day schedule of events-

-Dark Geese


All tournements will be recorded and put online and will be done by myself and geese.

Make sure to save me a TV for sat so i can run 3s teams or somthin :slight_smile:


ill consider entering kof94 and 96 considering what time they’re run. i actually used to play those games and was pretty good.


I wanna split them out between Friday, Sat and Sunday and I dont wanna conflict times with people like yourself dxp that I know have other games like ST that you have to play.

What time are you playing things dxp?


I’ll be down for some KOFXI.



i am raping in 94 and 96. :looney:
ill also enter wh2 and kofnw why not DG keeps pushing this damn game it’s the kof that everyone forgot about lol.

hopefully i wont be too distracted with everythign else so i can play in these tourneys.

Nestor why didn’t you play kof11 vs me at TGA? :looney: :sad: I know neither of us really play the game but still it was free :stuck_out_tongue:


You should hold all the tourney’s you plan on holding during Evo World just to see how well they do at East.

You’re really going to hold a KOF94 tourney and leave out MOTW and/or RB2?


All they gotta do is Ask Giby and I dont mind putting them in…I just need to make sure people help me run them.

See here is the thing too.between all the majors Im travelling to I’m doing test runs to see how things go…so at EVO North I’m doing Garou and RB2 etc unless people ask etc.

Okay guys let me check the EVO Official Schedule so I can see how I wanna split this up because I want games all three days…

Because I am planning of doing 3 tournies/day.

So I am trying to debate adding Real Bout 2 in as the last game etc.

EVO North will have Garou make no mistake about it Giby!

RB2 and Garou are features of EVO North!


ill be there during all the capcom games - cvs2, st, 3s and mvc2. besides that im leaving as much as possible, i hate this venue.


Okay man let me check to see when a good time to hold KOF94 and 96 will be…I may just do it Friday-

Friday May 25th-NGBC, KOF94RB and KOF96…does that sound like a plan everyone?


You know what DG, sign me up for everything. I gotta learn how to play em one day, why not at the SNK tourny?

But I’m telling you, I’mma fuck shit up in Neowave, cause I got my boy Shingo with me.

edit: What the heck is PIM2 first before I just sign up

edit2: NO WAKU WAKU?!


You want Waku Waku 7? We can do that Shit Friday!

I’ll sign you up for everything!!!

We appreciate it!!! You know we do!! Why not make the most of your time why you have it right?

Waku Waku 7 has been added!


Thats a good question. You didnt seem to have much interest so i didnt say anything. Oh well, maybe next time.


hey man it me hk i am going to raping in this shit son. hold that shit down for snk-cap chea!!!


No KoF98? ;.;


You all want some 98?? I can fit that in there but you all GOTTA help me run all this stuff…

The more I have helping me run this the smoother it goes.

PIM2 is Power Instinct Matrimelee 2…I have to get another copy because mine was stolen at FRX…


I took a look at your tier lists, then looked up on the games a bit, and I’ve got the characters I want to use.

It’s a definate go for each one, and I can’t wait to show off my “big combos for only 20% of enemy’s life-Slash” in Waku. Do you need anything extra for the tourny, because I’m willing to help out in any way possible.


I just need people to run them for me…extra people…the more Tvs also the merrier as I get ready to Finalize the EVO East SNK 9 tourney schedule…Because I want every match recorded for these tournies too so keep that in mind!

Yeah high hopes but I know we can do it!


I think '98 should be in higher priority than '94 or '96, more people would definitely play it.


im gona agree