EVO East SNK 2007 Results-Gonna get some Preview Vids!

Here are the tournament results thus far for EVO East SNK 2007-

KOFXI- (16 total )
1st- Dark Geese (Kyo, Jenet, Malin, Gato, Kula)
**2nd-Jon Badwolf (Gai, Silver, Adel, Eiji, Hayate)
3rd-Steve Harrison (Ryo, Kyo, Terry-L)
4th- BBHood01 (Kyo, Malin, Kula)
5th-Josh Ballard (Gai, Eiji, Kula)
5th-God Geese Howard (Momoko, Kula, Kensou, Iori, Ryo)
NGBC- (16 total)
1st-Dark Geese (Tung-Athena)
2nd-JeRon (Mudman-Big, Rock-Big)
3rd-God Geese Howard (Mars Peep,Geese, Hotaru, Akari, Ai,Hanzo)
4th-Josh Ballard (Hanzo, Big, Kim)
5th-Jon Badwolf (Kyo, Shermie, Washizuka, Marco, Yuki)
5th-Edpachi (Kyo, Kim)

KOF NeoWave (16 Total)
1st- Dark Geese (Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu)
**2nd- Arturo Sanchez (Vice, Kula, Athena, Mai)
3rd- JeRon (Vice,King,?)
4th- Jon Badwolf (Kim, Robert, Jhun, Shingo)
5th-(T) Edpachi (Choi,? )
5th-(T) DNyce (O. Yashiro, ? )
SST (Round Robin 5 total)

1st- Dark Geese-Amakusa

SST EVO East Tourney Version 2-Amakusa Must Die!!
1st-Dark Geese-Amakusa :rofl:

Waku Waku 7- (6 entrants)
1st- Dark Geese-Tesse
3rd-Jon Badwolf-Rei/Arina.
4th-Josh Ballard-Mauru, Dandy J.
5th-God Geese Howard-Arina.

World Heroes 2-
1st- Josh Ballard-Fuuma

i want my rematch in World heroes 2…

Man, makes me wish I was there…nice work DG!

Josh is beast in WH, I know personally…

Shibuya you will get your WH2 rematch hahahah!!!

Thanks Shiki for the compliments!

Yes but Shiki Josh won the World Heroes 2 Final vs. Shibuya regular 4-0, but he escaped at the last possible second of the last possible milisecond of the universe in the Death Match Grand Finals…
You shall see…it was pretty crazy!!!


Right Shibuya?

I watched that “last throw” and you can’t hear us screaming at the end…they dont know how crazy that last throw was did they???

I still think the match between u and Steve H was crazy…

He survived on time out. Gato’s leaders super 3rd hit would have killed him.

I have 2 questions and ill ask u so u dont have to answer it 1 million times.

When will the videos be up?

how are going about editing them? (do u need help?)

Lol Hypa…Waku Waku…

Good shit DG and good shit JBW LvL up representer.

Tung B Tier? Awesome! I’m really awaiting all the vids Lukus!

incredible…I wouldnt expect anything less from the champ

you guys didnt wanna run… power instinct matrimelee?

Im goona guess time was an issue. Cause the tourneys took a while to run and matches were long. Even getting people to play there match took a while.

Im not to upset about it. Maybe after Evo passes by DG will hold his own tourney. Id support that!

Oh yeah time was an issue…it was my first EVO thus I had to see for myself how things ran.

Friday we got in sooo late that it pushed things back tremendously…PIM II will be a feature in future tournies now I know how things run though. Now I also know I need to buy my own VCR lol.

Man you gotta play Steve H. differently in KOFXI…its gotta be turtle all the way and poke…KOFXI becomes CVS2…

And I knew that from NEC7 so I adjusted accordingly…

About the vids Shodokan123 will be putting them up and thus I will let you all know when he puts them up!!!

what yall know about never playing the games and still beating people who knew how to play

good shit tho dg im just sorry i mised out on waku waku and wh2

TornadoFlame- I’m looking at coming back to the NC area around September.

Yes We can get on that Waku Waku 7 and Ninja Masters!

Rusheddown- Man you know the deal…you got a higher level of comp around you in general in your games you play than most people so you use what you know to beast even in games you dont play.

So imagine if you actually played the games!! :looney:

Wow Dark Geese you are broken in SNK games. Im still coming for you in SST dont forget.

Nestor you are broken in 3s and CVS2 lol. :rofl:

Man it was great getting my ass beaten by you in 3s…lol. (Makes me wonder what your Yun is like…lol.)

Hopefully I’ll return the favor in SST…:wink:

Man it was a pleasure meeting you! :tup:

**EDIT- **Also I am planning on holding my own SNK venue in the future…it has been in the works for quite sometime actually!!!

i did ok for a person that doesn’t play snk games any more

Good times good times.

Snk tournament was a blast.

Lukus definately beasted 90% through the whole weekend.

Too bad garou wasn’t ran…it would’ve been free for myself.

Props to all players that supported SNK and Dark Geese for being so constant with it… now… WH2 Vids!!! I wanna see them!!! LOL

Those WH2 vids are coming as promised! LOL.

D’Nyce it was good meeting you man…You should join Garou at EVO Worlds to play against Nocturnal, Master Giby and Magician…it wont be sooo guaranteed then lol.

I can’t wait for those Waku/XI vids to get uploaded so we can see some ownage.

They know what’s up I know what’s it… bring it lol