Evo East speculation!

Just got back from Evo East and I have very mixed emotions about the event! Got to meet and chill with all my EC heads and it was all cool playing casuals/talking with other players!
WHAT WAS NOT COOL… and Im not sugarcoating anything Im getting right to it!

  1. Anniverssary Edition
    Not talking shit but suuuure I didnt qualify for this !!..Now everyone I talked to agreed that the pool that I was in was a very bias and controversial one as it was :
    David Serlin
    Chris Li
    Phi and 2 random players one played Ken and the other I forgot… Whats the deal with this? Its very appearant that there was no seeding here. I was sent to losers by Sirlin then had to come all the way back and defeat Sirlin then to have to fight NKI in the losers finals of the pool to be taken out!
    Is there any explanation to why every other pool was cake and a walk in the park practically and this one was what they refer to as the Black bracket of death!
    I was the favorite to win and it was very appearant, which explains that bracket…

  2. Third Strike
    Issei, Mopreme, Justin…are you serious…
    Thats all I have to say

  3. MVC2
    Justin and Yipes in the same pool…are you serious…
    Of course alot of ppl on SRK are gonna come up with every lame excuse possible to justify what happened at Evo but East Coast…ya’ll know whats up!
    It just seems really bad that people have to resort to this WC (No offense)
    Im not gonna say its all good cause its not and only one word can descibe it…
    Lets see what happens at Evo World!


Whoa Issei went to Evo East? Lol I don’t expect any Japanese players to be in the West or East counterpart.

^issei’s in new york or something for the summer, taking classes, i heard?

Maybe they either:
1- did random seeding after separating regions.
2- “punished” (it may have just been bad luck) people that didnt pre-register on evo2k.com, and randomly stuck them in a pool, like they said they would on the forums/website.
This doesnt explain the mvc2 or 3s things though, since yipes, mopreme, issei and justin all pre-registered. and im too lazy to check the HSF:AE list.

or MAYBE it was a horrible WC conspiracy to create the weakest group of EC qualifiers possible :smiley:

1- Nope
2- True and False pre-registering has nothing to do with seeding at all.It doesnt make a difference if you register online or in person your gonna get in the tournament regardless (The later you register the more you pay but thats not the point here) you still get in.
Did I say shady, I meant to say conspiracy. Evo East was a very big conspiracy!
And its not like it was a hiding conspiracy, if you were there you could clearly see it was blatant which makes it even worse…
Even if you may come back and say you were joking about that last part, it is what it is! Lets call a spade a spade here!

You know what though, this opened my eyes up even wider! The fact that it has to resort to this just makes me realize were the best thats all and that were a bigger threat than whats been said.
Evo World I am going to make Top 8 in AE believe that, and I feel sorry for anyone (and they can put every Jap in my bracket if they want) that has to play me. This just encouraged me to step it up to the next level…
Justin wont say anything but he feels the same way! Evo…WRAP!!!
Now its personal!

See everyone at there!

Brackets were fucked up at Evo West also. Seeding was only done via zip code and since most people came from almost same zip code, seeds came out almost at random. I can give you other examples at Evo West.

For example, in 4 matches at West, I had to play John Choi and Combo Fiend.

And in AE, here’s who I played in order. random guy (w). Mike Watson (w). Alex Valle (w). Graham Wolfe (l). Mike Watson (l). That was a fun bracket.

I didn’t get the worst of it at West by far (although those were some hilariously jacked up brackets). Combo Fiend’s run through CvS2 was brutal also. He didn’t qualify and he’s probably the best in SoCal! This is what happens in a RANDOM bracket. This is why earning a seed at regionals was so important. It’s only gonna get worse at Vegas with Japan and top players from regions who couldn’t make it.

–Jay Snyder

This is exactly what mixup said 2 years ago after 2k4 for mvc2 when Xecutioner had to play jwong out of top 8 instead of david lee or whoever his opponent was I forgot.

Someone explained the bracket to him, and he conceded I think. But we’ll never know.

black ppl are so paranoid.


It was apparent that you were the favorite? Someone sounds pretty full of themselves, who had you as the favorite anyways? Out of the people in your bracket I’d say most of them would be favorites over you. This really sounds like someone pouting they didnt win more than anything.

quoting evo2k.com from the player guide: “Regional seeding will be done for online registrations only. Day of registrations will be randomly assigned to a bracket.”

but, like i said, that still doesn’t explain some of the pool assignments.

seeding by zip code is kind of scary. the people that i play with most (excluding 2 or 3 people) live in different zip codes than mine. :smiley: but i guess with the 8-pool system (instead of the 5-man pool where there’s one person from each corner of the country), running into somebody that you know during qualifiers is pretty likely.

I was kind of joking. :sweat: But at the same time, I don’t really know the history of things like these. After hearing random complaining about past tournaments, it’s possible, I guess.

Yes. The Canons are out to get you. I hear at EvoFinals they plan to steal your milk money and call you gay on the internet.

Maybe I should complain, too. Last year in my GG pool I had Kindevu. My ST pool had a random asian person and James Chen. I had three top players in my Tekken pool.


Your sarcasm kind of falls flat when you look at the names. Issei, Mopreme and Justin were really in the same 3S pool? That’s absurd.

what’s strange is how did julian win that “bracket of death” with all the stacked AE players

how could all you great people not beat him?

Julien is the DARK HORSE in my opinion for picking CE Sagat in the finals and beating Seth down with it.

So much for having just having dictators, boxers, and a random Chun in there.

I gotta agree with JeRon…those brackets were totally wack. Both JeRon and Sirlin would have EASILY made top 8 if proper seeding had been used.

Random seeding is really unfair to the players, because what ends up happening in a situation like this is the good players who got dropped into this bracket of death are eliminating each other in the early rounds while every other bracket has maybe at most one good player. Half (or more than half) of the top players don’t even qualify, and you get random people like LINCOLN (I <3 you Lincoln) in the top 8.

I really hope they do proper seeding at Vegas…

I lost to him 0-2 in the pools, but then beat him 2-0 in top 8, if that’s any consolation…

Wait, I didn’t realize there was already pretty well known AE rankings for all players to even give seedings to people who entered…

Oh wait, there isn’t is there?

jeron… i agree that some of the pools were BS… and that could have been fixed. For god sakes they could have used random bracket seeding in the bracket maker program and done better with the brackets.

thank god they fixed the lag fest though… wal-mart FTW.

Personally it was a lot of fun for me… i got to play casuals with justin, henry, issei, kofiend and flash on fri night, chill with issei most of saturday and all of sunday. I learned a lot and even though i did not get like 809498320932 casual matches the 150 or so i got ment more then playing a majority of the people there. A lot of them were scrubs.

2 of those were the USA East Sbo team, and Issei consistently makes top 8 or higher at sbo.

You’d have to be blind to realize they don’t belong in the same pool. Not only do they eliminate each other, it gives an underdog player about 0 chances of making a surprise victory and making it in.

Live and learn. Hopefully it will be a lesson and they will reanalyze how brackets are done.

Actually if you want irony, Justin and Yipes in the same pool for mvc2 is blatantly and inherently worse. Hi multiple Evo Champion and last years 2nd place finalist? How did this get missed?

Must of been the ST Book that helped haha

It’s a little better :lovin: but I guess the thing that puzzled me was I always saw ST/old SF as less random than the newer ones so that’s why I was confused when I found out Julien won that bracket espically after I saw how you ran through everyone in the hotel room after the tourney.

Rereading my post it might come across as a diss but it wasn’t, what I meant is like 5 or 6 people in that bracket could of won the tournament and then somehow Julien wins the whole bracket and you’re like huh.

3 out of 5 AE for Evo World!

and 2 out of 3 CVS2, our CVS2 bracket ended in less than an hour.


and yeah, cvs2 totally has time to run 2/3 the whole way… thats what we learned from evo west. Guilty Gear takes way too long to run too, it should just be cut from evo