--- Evo East: The East Coast Championships (May 25-27, 2007) ---

any chance there might be a tv available to me for saturn bomberman setup?
if there is any interest in 8 player bomberman that is

awesome, it’ll be great seeing you guys again! no american/japanese control adaptation problems =)

haha, i’ll see what options i got with the hotel. worst case, who knows… i might even import some :wink:

traditionally, you’ll definitely be able to find some practice while you’re there. there’ll be a casual area with various types of setups, as well as people fiending in individual rooms all night.

there will be more than just philly vs new york this time around. so you guys have to rep up… even if i gotta bring gears for rick :wink:
for you… what better than to get some extra cash for ur bday? lol

la guardia is also roughly 25 miles away.
the beauty of the location is that there’s public trans available right outside of the hotel. i will post some more info soon.

i’ll see what i can do. last year people were interested, but things fell through. if there’s enough interest i can pull some strings or try to get a setup out there myself. :wgrin:

if anything, i know there will be some umk action one way or another.

I didn’t go last year, but will there be BYOC set ups like at World?

You know, so I can fag out and play MB all day?

Hell, can we bring our own tv to play on?



I’m in for some BOMBERMAN


Thats actually a good idea. Get like 100 or so breaksteaks, and sell them. haha


I think there were BYOC setups last year. Can’t remember clearly though.

no better way to celebrate then to take first :lovin:

The problem with the public transport is that you have to take it back into the city to get any trains that go to stamford if you’re coming in by plane. It’s a long ride.

Walking is always fun.

Are modded Xboxes allowed at this event?

:sweat: We need to play Alpha 3 offline to make sure who’s better. :sweat:

I’d like 3/5 for $10 in CvS2 with the following people:

Nick T
Mr. Fantastic
Flash Metroid

If other people want to get in on it and I’m not overly scared of you (Justin Wong/Nestor) I’ll take the bet.

:wonder: Please note, I don’t know how to actually play CvS2, I just hit buttons and hope for the best. :wonder:

No matter how confident I may be in a bet, I never put up more than I can afford to lose. If you wanna do something more reasonable like $50, I’m down, but $300 is too much for me.

fugee would prolly take you up on the other $250 if you really wanna put up that much money.

yes I finally get to beat NKI in ST YAY!!!

You ain’t got crap I can play, but I’ll be there for the people and the random Evo East entrance. Maybe we can get some XI/MBAC/VS set up so I can try and beast at something. I guess I could try and play some Smash? >_>

Eh, I’ll need a play to stay while I’m up there. TIME TO START ASKIN AROUND.

hey wat sup with kof xi side tournment

i respect that because im the same way. i dont make stupid bets that i cant live up to.

ok, maybe we’ll do something smaller. by the way, good shit on beating justin at final round, im glad a real ST player is beating him :rofl: that o.sagat nonsense has to end.

and it will at EVO East, because…



cvs2 3/5 $10 ?? I want some canadian rolly polly kim too :looney:

I’ll take that MM too Justin!


:rofl: I’ll provide you with something quoteworthy you can throw in another video. :rofl:

Chibi; I like it.

I’d like to call Shotgun beside whatever console Bryheem Keyes is standing beside during big matches so I can laugh my ass off at all the stuff that’ll come out of his mouth.

No Breaksteaks
No Potter



Hope to see all the ec fam there again.

Nigga Last time I side bet against you I lost 20 dollars at ECC!:rofl:

I forgot who you played though.:rofl:

No worries man, people are gonna be extra mad this year because im gonna STYLE ON THEM.

Next time tell me you’re sidebetting and i’ll play for real. =]