EVO East to become SBO Qualifier?

Interesting post from Andy

If there was ever an event where I will co-ordinate Canadian 3rd Strike teams to win a tournament it will be this one. The prize could not be any bigger.

Assuming ST will be in this event, I’ll try my best to show for this.

Say what?! Too many good things happening in 08.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. I wanted to go to SBO qualifiers last year, but couldn’t because iloveu had to take the police officer exam that Saturday, so we missed it. We still made it to EVO though. I know we would’ve gone to both if we were able to, however. I think they should be kept separate. Tougeki is for Japan, EVO is for America, although players of both nations play in either tournament, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. How would this even work, anyway? Would a separate tournament be held for SBO qualifiers? I’m sure it’s happened before where in 3S the Top 3 consisted of two Chuns or two Kens or something like that, so I just don’t understand how it would work out.

yea im not so sure about the idea of having a console tournament decide the qualifiers for an arcade event

would they pay for the tickets to SBO?
would separate entry for this be required as the entry fee for SBO quals is like 50 dollars
would they go to Japan and make sure everything is coordinated like andy did?

of course evo could possibly step up in all of these regards, including getting a couple of japanese cabs/3s, making this shit straight awesome

Yeah H2H 3s cabs would be a must.

PS2 3s should not decide US SBO peoples.

Yeah, Cabinets have to be used.

this is actually a great idea…if they plan this out properly…cabinets may be a must but most of the best players go to this…even some from the west may show up to the east for both Evo East and SBO quals which will make it an even bigger event…im sure the evo staff will come through for everybody like they always do…i hope =/ its cool to see these events combined…this ensures that the best in the US and/or Canada (if they show up) will take on japans best…if this works out this may be the year where we may NOT get ocv’d first round in 3s…good luck with this hope this works out


HNK plz.

YES Hokuto is mad hype!

Definitely HNK :smile:

Well that makes me feel good. I thought 3rd Strike might not be included for a second. Thx. STRIKETHIRD.

This is really shitty.

Evo is going to hold qualifiers? That makes no sense because i dont see them funding the players to go to japan… unless andy has made a deal with them to run it, and the money all goes twords the team’s travel expenses in japan.

I will get more info.

How would SBO allow it if all qualifiers must be run on H2H hardware?

Didn’t other qualifiers used console to qualify?

Only thing that’s bugging me though is if they will cover the expenses for plane tickets.

they have corperate sponsors for evo… there is abolutley no excuse for not being able to pay the bills.

if they do host it and make it 100% team (you choose your team) then it won’t be as good imo. They need to keep it at each person has to win a singles tournament.

Will it be only team tourny for Evo East, or will this be the new format for all evo events ?


Youll get the best players to go then, not a team with like 1 really good player.