EVO East TV drama

Overall the tournament was great. The pools and finals came off without a hitch, and many even finished early–a first in tournament history as far as I know. Most importantly everyone seemed to really be having a lot of fun.

The TV drama: The most important part of this drama is that it did not affect the actual tournament at all. Not one bit. As above, things ran not only smoothly, but AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

Anyway, we did try and rent regular CRTs (big old tube TVs that never have lag issues). We were informed by our vendor, a few days before EVO East was to begin, that there was good news: we were being “upgraded” to big LCD monitors. Knowing the issues involved with LCDs and Plasmas, we politely declined (we planned to use a plasma at evo2k4 for the finals, and had to replace it with a CRT).

That’s when the vendor told us that the CRT (regular tube TVs) weren’t actually available, and that he could ONLY provide the LCDs. Hrm. We called other places, but couldn’t find any other rental place that had the volume of TVs we needed available on short notice.

So we tried to test the LCD model before even arriving in CT by getting the model # and plugging in a PS2. No luck there- the model is a few years old and wasn’t being sold in stores anymore, so I couldn’t find one locally to test anything on.

When we GOT to the event, we did test them. James Chen, a total combo technician, plugged in and proceeded to bust out several of CVS2 ChunLi’s hardest link combos, no problem. As we learned later, this is a bad way to test for lag, since combos are from muscle memory. Also, as the TVs heated up, the lag appeared to get worse and more noticeable. We had a problem. It was a problem we had tried to anticipate and avoid, but there it was.

We knew we could not run a high-quality tournament on laggy TVs. Doing that was simply unacceptable by our standards and for what our customers and players demand. We also never considered cancelling the tournament. I was amazed by the staff’s resilience here–this was a major suck, but we just sat down and went through our contingency plans (we had three-- A, B, and C).

When plans A and B both fell through, and we were unable to find a secret “game mode” that some TVs have as an undocumented feature, we went to the dreaded plan C (c is for crap!)–drive 70 miles one way in the middle of the night to buy all new TVs from a 24hr WalMart. Were we happy about this? No. Would it mean we would all get zero sleep after hauling them back and setting up? Yes. Would it mean spendin a bunch of money we didn’t have? Yes. But that’s exactly what we did, because that’s what the tournament needed. When players showed up to play on Saturday morning, there were 20 brand new TVs installed and ready to go. The event came off perfectly.

We planned carefully, but had circumstances beyond our control. These created a potential danger, and that worst-case scenario did actually happen. Even then though, we still made plans, and we executed that plan.

We did what it took to get the job done, and EVO East was a great event.

Thanks to everyone for coming out–I saw a lot of old faces I haven’t seen in way too long. See you all in Vegas!



Sounds like you guys got stuff together at some point. Tournaments actually running on time is a pretty strong feat for fighting games. Fighting gamers are stereotyped as a bunch of bums that can never make it tournaments on time so the tournament running bums are always letting them in at the last minute to get stuff together. I still think not having CRT TV’s is inexcuseable though. Even if you guys put all the effort to run out and get them. Someone in the event actually UNINFORMED about the lag on LCD screens in a FIGHTING GAME tournament is just out of line IMO. Still…congrats to everyone that played and LCD’s FTL.

Now thats what I call being on the ball :tup:

They had CRTs. They always planned to have CRTs. When the LCDs came in they tested to check and the results showed it was ok. When it was discovered the results were wrong they got CRTs. Read better.

He explained the situation, explained they knew about the lag before hand and were informed. But ran a test hoping it would be ok and they thought it was because they werent warmed up to show that it was broken. Keep in mind the only person who can tell the lag is the player. So all the people watching see combos and think its fine. What YOU need to do is read his post more carefully before spouting off, he explained in full detail why they didn’t have them and you proceed to ignore everything he said and post some bullshit.

Still…the fact there was a problem AT ALL IMO just isn’t right. CRT TV’s should have been already set up and or ready to just physically ship out to Evo (not still waiting at the vendor). I don’t care to go into the details of it and I’m sure there was some logical reason but to me…it sounds like something didn’t go right beforehand. I understand this is the first tournament but obviously something went wrong if CRT’s were not at the tournament Friday night. You can say what you wish…that’s just what I feel.

Yes…I understand it was technically the VENDORS’ fault. Yes, I understand that originally CRT’s were ordered. Yet…when you have to scramble at the last minute for TV’s…something went wrong. The tournament still worked out which is hella awesome. I’m not putting anyone down for that. That’s all good and dandy. It’s just that something went wrong if you guys ordered CRT’s and then all of a sudden…oh now you get something new. TV’s should have already been secured in a warehouse or something so that such a situation wouldn’t have occurred. That situation could have been MUCH MUCH WORSE.

Definitely props for getting stuff together in the middle of the freakin night which is great but IMHO this problem could have easily been avoided. The vendors should have been informed that CRT TV’s would be absolutely required for the tournament. Otherwise they wouldn’t have upgraded.

Basically…if you don’t agree with me then just ignore me like the plague (remind me that I am completely illiterate etc.) but…that’s just how I feel. I understand totally the past is past but…you guys are bringing up the past again so I’m just explaining what I feel about the ALMOST complete disaster that happened a while ago and now no longer matters and I’m typing about it cuz typing makes me feel warm inside :razz:.

But what’s flawed about your argument is the fact that no one was really playing on the monitors on Friday anyway! In fact, BYOC play was not allowed, as they were focusing on Friday to set up the ballroom. That set up involved testing. Although an error was made in terms of getting LCD screens, they rectified the situation before anyone came into the ballroom to actually play a tournament match.

Shit was just mad blown out of proportion. Give it a rest.

Dude its out of their control. Yea they probably could have took a couple wks beforehand to prepare this, but they aren’t locals in CT anyways. Planning beforehand is probably more costly then it sounds. I think this is first time evo organizers had to do something this big, on their own pretty much. The end result is all that really matters now.

Good job guys.

dude, what are you talking about, they already rented the crt’s a while ago as you said, it ws the rental companies bad that the lcd’s were delivered. I mean dude, he explained it clear as day up there.

Good job to evo staff, you guys are really takin this seriously. Hopefully it turns out to be a very lucrative business for you guys. Youve earned it.

Chaotic Blue

Nicely done. Big props to Evo staff for pulling through for everyone.

Tru nuff. I definitely applaud the fact that such things were rectified. It shows that if they can fix that…they can fix anything. Yet, I still hold onto the fact that there could have been a way to ensure that LCD’s shouldn’t have been sent. It seems that the vendor just assumed that the Evo staff wanted CRT’s cuz they were cheaper and were doing them a favor by sending LCD’s. I totally understand that…I just think it should have been made clearer to them that LCD’s were completely unacceptable. Like a free LCD screen for everyone at Evo if they are sent. :lol:

Don’t mind my BS…I totally think Evo did a great job outside of the ALMOST scandal. :clap:

Goddamnit, shut the fuck up. Dood.

Thanks. I needed that. :tup:

Oh and beast av. Exo’s vocabulary knows no bounds.


> we went to the dreaded plan C (c is for crap!)–drive 70 miles one way in the middle of the night to buy all new TVs from a 24hr WalMart. Were we happy about this? No. Would it mean we would all get zero sleep after hauling them back and setting up? Yes. Would it mean spendin a bunch of money we didn’t have? Yes. But that’s exactly what we did, because that’s what the tournament needed. When players showed up to play on Saturday morning, there were 20 brand new TVs installed and ready to go.

Jesus. THAT’S hardcore.

How much did that run you guys back? And did you all split the costs of this spenditure or did just a few guys take the hit for the team? And is there any way you can get your money back?

Okay, we can scratch Ultima off of the alt.games.sf2 “where are they now?” list. :slight_smile:

How’ve you been bro? It’s been hella long…

Blown out of proportion, and did not affect the tournament.

Gilbert is the truth.

Mike Z told me about this. All I have to say is bravo, you guys have earned a place in my heart. He also told me that you guys donated these tvs to good will after you were finished with them. Please confirm if this is true because… WOW!!! Just because of all of this I feel that Evo finals is going to truely be a moment we wont soon forget. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Good job.

Now what you do, is inform your vendor that unfortunately due to their horrible fuck up, you’re dropping them like a fat man doing a plunge from the top of the grand canyon. Then you find another vendor that’s competent and give them your business, since it’s obvious these fuckwads don’t know how to do business.

That REALLY pisses me off!