Evo East UMK3 Results!

:nunchuck: Coordinated by ultimatemk.com :nunchuck:

1st: Crazy Dominican
2nd: Mach 1
3rd: Shock

4th: FrankieBonez
5th: Joe
6th: DJ Eric

7th: Kyle
7th: cheatinasswinz
9th: Julian Robinson
9th: NKI
9th: DarkViru5
9th: Have a Nice Dave
13th: RusheDown
13th: Guy
13th: Illegal Eagle
13th: Matt

Special thanks to Phi for allowing UMK3 to represent in some way at Evo.

Special thanks to Dark Geese for his $5 entry fee donation to UMK3!

Crazy Dominican opted for the prize money.

Mach 1 walked away with the Xbox 360 custom UMK3 arcade stick and we were glad to give it to him for the long trip up from Florida!


Thanks to all the contestants. A great group came out for the event and a good time was had by all.

This was the best turn out in a long time for this old relic, thanks to everybody that came out! Vids should start going up tomorrow.

I cant wait for the vids! good shit for keeping UMK3 going.

ajajajajajaj loved the icons around "coordinated by umk.com"
nice going with that torny. keep it up.

damn i wish i played more i only played you once i think with cyrax and sentinel good shit.

LoL I’m going to start encoding videos after I transfer to DVD tonight.

grat i had marvel on my mind lol my bad i meant reptile. are you going on any other evo events?

I wish i joined, i even came up and asked u and u said 6…cant believe i missed it…:sad::sad:

Glad I could contribute EWAShock…I was wanting 2 meet you in person man…I was soooo busy with my SNK stuff that I couldnt leave my location at all…


So I wanted to contribute to support the scene in anyway I could do it!

Yeah I was wondering where some people went, I had Phi announce sign ups twice, it was around 7 we actually got started.

I doubt I’ll be able to make it out to any others, but I will encourage people in the area of others to get something going.

And yes thanks again Geese.

I’m putting vids onto DVD right now so I should have them up on the site tonight. I’ll post a more comprehensive list of the matches in about an hour.

Damn, I heard Phi’s first (or second) announcement, but I guess I went too late, because I remember I had asked one of the guys around there about what had happened to sign ups and he said that the tournament had started alreeady. I eally want to enter some UMK3 tournies. I actually have practiced on MAME ever since NEC. I live close to NJ so if there are any tournents going on around the Break or anytime you’re able to make it out to another tourney, you can just PM me shock and you know 'll be there 100%. I wish I didn’t miss it. Good shi’t to everyone though. And thanks again shock.

Check ultimatemk.com tournaments section, there is one on June 9th (Arcade Machines only) on Long Island. I’m thinking about going because the payout will be huge for the winner.

Good stuff shock. :tup:

Next time I see you, I’ll let you mess me up in Super Turbo.

Uploading vids now. Encoding took longer than I expected. I will have the winners and losers brackets separated.


Matches are labeled clearly.

nice matches!.. good to see ppl are still playin umk

Sorry about the snag that happened Shock, I would’ve liked to play UMK 3, but I got tired and things didn’t work out right. Throw some more tourneys someday, and maybe I’ll enter if I get time.

Sorry again.


Tournament looked like a lot of fun. I was the one who was recording Joe, Dave and Matt’s matches with my little digicam. If I played this game I would’ve entered. Glad to see people are still into MK. It was always a console favorite of mine.