Evo East Videos Are Coming, I Swear!


So I’ve been spending the past few days trying to capture the Finals footage that we recorded at Evo East for some official SRK match footage. But due to technical problem after technical problem, I keep suffering setbacks. I’ve captured one Mini DV tape, for example, probably 6 or 7 times already, each time running into a different random issue that I’d only find out after it was too late. I’m about to record it for an EIGHTH time now, and this is only 1 tape out of about 9 or 10. So apologies that I’ve been so slow getting these out. Hopefully, I’ll have the first game available some time soon.


Nice can’t wait to see it!!


yes…i need to see DXP versus Seth again



james, you are the best

hold dat, HOLD DAT!


CvS2 Grand Finals. Nestor vs. Wong. 'Nuff said.


don’t look to me for vids

the majority of vhs tapes i used are FUCKED UP.


splendid id like to see some of these vids


I have an odd question for everyone:

I notice that when I tend to watch Match Videos, I have a nasty habit of staring at the time of the video. Especially after the first character loses the first round. I stare down and you can usually tell if the loser will win another round. Or when it looks like there is potential for a comeback, I can’t help but glance at the time and see… nope. Clip is ending too soon, no time for a comeback.

I hate that.

It ruins suspense. You don’t get what you get when you watch things live. So what I was thinking of doing with these videos is making all the videos from one game the same length of time. So as an example, all MvC2 clips will be 6 minutes in length. It’s just that the games that end in 3 and a half minutes, for example, will have 2 and a half minutes worth of “dead” black space at the end. Since it’s all black, however, it compresses easily and doesn’t make file sizes any larger. And now that length of the clip doesn’t give you any information about who wins, you can maintain suspense while watching the fight. If you see there is 1 minute left in the clip, that doesn’t necessarily mean the losing player makes a comeback, for example.

Do people think this is a good idea? I can try it for the first batch of videos and see what people think.

The downside is that, well, if you don’t KNOW that’s why I did it, you’ll wonder why there is all this blank space at the end of the clip. I was thinking of putting a note after the match ends explaining why there is black space at the end or something. And I promise not to hide anything in the black space of any video. :slight_smile: Anyhow, lemme know if people think this is a decent idea or not, so I’ll know whether or not I wanna try it for this first batch of videos coming up.


well since everybody knows who wins anyway, theres no point in doing that imo


Yeah I’ve ruined matches for myself by glancing at the timeline, but for the most part we know who won and who lost many of the matches. I have been known to bring up another application to cover up the timeline after the movie begins, if it’s something that has really caught my interest and I don’t want it to ruin it by seeing the timeline.

So I think you shouldn’t worry about it, as it’s only extra work for you, anyone who doesn’t want to see it can hover notepad above the timeline.


I do that myself, and it does ruin things, but like Overworld said, I wouldn’t worry about it.



lol totally agree james. timestamp always ruins a match, especially when you dont know. but its also not really too big of a deal. but i dont mind if you do add filler to make it not so obvious(to people that dont know results)


As long as it doesn’t add to the file size it isn’t a big deal. Other than that, any other problems I could think of are minor inconveniences. You could always make the quality decent so watching in full screen(IE you can’t see the progress bar) works too~


If you play the vids on full screen you don’t see the time line. That what I do with almost every vid I download. On youtube its different you have no choice but to see the timeline. However if a match is really good then I try to download it using one of those youtube downloading sites.


Personally i could care less about that filler stuff its just more work for no reason. I just wanna see the vids asap.:tup:


Just play the video in full screen and you won’t see the timeline any more. You have the option of not knowing when the match ends that way and it won’t change the way match vids have been encoded.


Fillers would be awesome.


great idea i know i can’t stop myself from looking either


how about we just get some vids! enough of the fancy stuff.


1 order of DXP versus Seth please…extra hype on the side

oh and lemme get a order of anything Deus is in…with extra hype sauce