Evo East Videos


I don’t know if there is a video thread for Evo East matches, but i decided to make one for people who were there to post some of their vids…

Here are a few i recorded, I got more and i’ll post more later on…
Enjoy all:

[media=youtube]TQ0yfUE3o30[/media] (DragonGod vs. Deus)

[media=youtube]smmP4UwpDSU[/media] (Justin Wong vs. DragonGod) (Kool Ending, lol)

Feel free to leave comments on that site too… :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, deus’ sentinel is sick. thanks for the vids.


damn good shit :wgrin:


Another video:
[media=youtube]Mc1OQU62kjs[/media] (Evolution East Drama…):looney:


now we’re gonna want to see that first to 10 set lol x.x


Wow, good shit Bill!

And yeah, Justin is winning Evo East/World.


Now all I want to see is Erik vs Sanford 1st to 10…that’s my only purpose in life right now.


Who won that?


Yeah who won between Erik & Sanford 1st to 10?

lol Justin Wong comming back from double snapout is too much. MSS is just too good.


damn i <3 ec drama


They didn’t end up having it.


OMG you recorded the that too good.


I taped most of the Marvel top 8 matches. :sweat: Sorry about my my messy camera work, but I think they came out pretty good. This was my first Evo where I competed, and I had a lot of fun. The marvel finals and cvs2 finals were the most hype especially.

I split the videos up and uploaded them to different download sites so they can be downloaded simultaneouslly. If someone can host these on their server that’d be great, just let me know or something.

Erik vs Justin

Sanford vs Jal

Demon Hyo vs Mike Infinite

Yipes vs Chunksta

Yipes vs Sanford

Finals Justin vs Sanford set 1

Finals Justin vs Sanford set 2

Those are the ones I have now, I still have a few more to transfer and then upload.


y’all were sleepin on bill/deus, those vids are nicccce…

can’t wait to see bill/deus vs fanatiq at evo west,

shit’s gonna be FREEEEEE money


prolly aint gonna happen. bill retired


Nice work. Somebody send me those and I’ll host them. <3

EDIT: All mirrored now. :tup:

[Manny’s Evo East footage](http://zachd.com/mvc2/matches/Evolution/evo2k7/east/From Manny/)


WTF!? This is evo world finals right? sanford vs yipes? they are using a custom marvel mix with matrix music, will this happen for world or West? i hope so, ill bring a few mixes :slight_smile:


:rofl: :rolleyes: I said “YES!” about 50x during Sanford’s matches. :rolleyes: :rofl:


Worst Justin vs Sanford matches i’ve ever seen, They played better at last year’s ECC, maybe it was the Arcade…?

What were the Soundtracks used in the game.


Are you high? The level of play in the grand finals was absolutely outstanding. Hell, Justin was counter-fiercing in the air when it was Sent vs. Sent. When have you EVER seen that?

Just because Sanford didn’t do some 800-hit-completely-unpractical-not-worth-it-to-ever-waste-your-time-in-training-mode-doing-hey-guess-what-he-lost-the-match-anyway Sentinel air combo, and instead decided to play with an incredible amount of patience doesn’t mean the level of play wasn’t as high as last year.

Well, he also had been retired at last year’s Evo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him playing again… especially after doing something like beating Sanford in a money match.