EVO east!


Cover PLUS a per-game fee of $10 like always. It’s the same cost structure as past EVOs, except if you don’t pre-register you pay a much larger cover charge. This will help the staff to make brackets early, yadda yadda yadda.

umm about the yadda, yadda.

this is a 2-day spectacle. when will a schedule be announced? ie do i have to be there both days for each game? it’s tough to devote my whole weekend to hardcore sf, unfortunately. :wonder: do tell, soon please :pray:

From what I’ve heard the schedule is just going to emulate evo, so its going to be all games each day, with initial pools and quals.

With that said,I think it would be a pretty valid idea to reevaluate that schedule for the regional tournaments, especially given the low number of pre-regs. I know I personally might be able to make it for one day to Evo East, but definately not both.

I agree with both Spence and Ski, we need to know what the real schedules are for these regional events.

Any replies, SRK staff?

For EVO East and West, we’re planning to have all prelim matches take place on Saturday. All finals matches will take place on Sunday. No official events on Friday, though freeplay should be available.

This means EVO East and West will be just like the more familiar EVO Vegas schedule, except with no official events on Friday. If you were a badass, you could theoretically qual your way into top 8 and not show up on Sunday and still be seeded at Vegas.


Please print this form and bring it with you on Friday, June 30th between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM to the registration table at the tournament.

YOU MUST BRING THIS FORM along with the total registration cost, or you will not be allowed to play in the tournament.

^–Typo, just to let you guys know.

Also, it says it’s an extra $10 if I can’t pay with paypal… Yet on the TOTAL COST, it says it’s $70… Is it $70+$10 or is it just $70… Cause at least I’m registering ;_;.

Stamford = Stanford?

This is more than a coincidence. Potstradamus O_O

are the 3rd strike matches run on console or cabs? If they are consoles, what system?

3rd Strike will use the PS2 SF2 Anniversary Collection version, as that is very very close to the arcade. Plus the other game on that disc (HSF2) is one of the Evo games as well.

All the official tournaments will be on consoles.


what’s the deal with spectators?

do they have to pay a cover charge/purchase tickets or can they just come in and watch?

Spectators can watch for free, although they are not allowed to play in the freeplay area.


Holy damn, great location! I might actually go to this.

I’m planning on going to this.

MODS: I am currently at court with Paypal over a fradulent auction, and will not be able to use their services to transfer my funds. Is there any alternate method of payment?

Revvin’ up to play one last time…


If 3 people are coming for just the GGXX Team Tourney, do all 3 have to pay the $20 cover, or is it just $20 for all 3?

saturn bomberman and vampire savior tourneys anyone?

my girl and I are definitely down for some Bomberman. It’s funny… when I told her there should be some Bomberman happening somewhere around there over the weekend, she said to me, “As long as it’s not that retarded Bomberman they have for the Dreamcast where the angles were all fucky and the controls sucked.”

Once I collected my jaw from the floored seeing how I got fuckin’ owned by that comment, I shuttled off… =P

Soo… schedule? Will it be all games on Sat, then all finals Sun?

hey what up people…im from Groton-Newlondon area of Connecticut!!! anyways i have never been to stamford and new to connecticut in general. i was wonderin can someone that is goin to the evo east tourney meet up wit me and go to the location and split hotel and whatever wit me…also i love guilty gear xx but i dont have a team…can someone that is goin solo too pair up with me…pretty good with venom…

ps2 vampire savior