EVO Entrants Capped Already?


SO if You slept on EVO and Missed Registering Early, Mr Wizard Opened up a Late Reg which will be up soon.

So Late Reg is up now, but it means
No badge
No priority for panel seats
No Sunday Main Hall
You still get to Enter
Its 70$ Venue+10$ a game
You get Evo srk banner

Thank you to EVO staff for giving us this option.


I do remember a lot of people mentioning they did enter KOF because of the shirt.


Eve has always had a cap. This cap is called “Fire department regulations.” If things keep going this way there might have to start throwing Evo they same way they throw the Burning Man festival.


That shirt must be nice.


It’s all about my flight being paid for, but not being registered. Sigh looks like I’ll just be salvaging for money matches.


WE posted it on the front page of SRK, EVO, facebook, twitter, every site picked it up. I dont get why people buy a flight but dont register. Makes no sense.


Is it possible to upgrade Spectator passes to Competitor passes? if so how would that be done?


Anyone wanna sell me their spot?
Seriously I will buy your spot. I want to enter and I already have accomidations

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Will there be any plans on adding a few more tickets? Or is everyone just fucked that didn’t buy a ticket already? I was planning on buying mine this week.


If we do add more tickets, it will be to compete at the event, and you wouldnt get a badge, so you would have to watch from the stream room at the venue.


wish i could slap you through the internet…


I got one of the last spots. Hold dat.


This sounds fair, what about chances of regular spots opening up?

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Man it feels good to have signed up. If you didn’t, it’s on you. Go bitch to the wind or something.


me too. /high five


That sounds more than fair. I’d really just want to compete.


Well in my case my registration is being paid for by someone else, the flight has already been booked though.


Ok to all you cocky people who signed up already who are beginning to pop off, most likely your going 0/2 so fuck off.

Anymore details on the competitors pass wiz? Like how much would it be and whats the stipulations?

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So What are the chances they’ll be more competitor passes will be allowed? I was trying to go to compete. And I am more than willing to pay 70 to get in to compete. I just never realized there was cap before (aside from the fire conduct laws and what not) . If it’s as huge as the time I saw Ceasar’s two years ago, I it could handle that amount.

If you could allow more competitor passes. that would be most appreciated good sir.


There’s zero excuse. ZERO. People may get 0/2 it’ll be better than you. You get nothing, not even a chance to fail for being lazy. Sorry man, enjoy the stream. Peace.