This thread is here to get everything down in one area so people will stop making multiple threads of already asked questions. And it’s just a general FAQ for the new and old.
This FAQ was done by SRK Member Valaris and myself. I’m sure MrWizard and the Cannon brothers will help as well if they need to fill in any blanks we have made.

So here we go:

What is Evo?
Evo (Short for Evolution) is the worlds largest fighting game tournament that has been held for over 10 years. It is ran by Joey Cueller (MrWizard), Tom Cannon (Inkblot), Tony Cannon (Ponder), and Seth Killian (s-kill).
Every year they put their hearts and souls into running SRK and running Evolution as smoothly as possible.

Where is Evo:
This year Evolution 09 is at the Rio Hotel and Casino
Here is a link to the reservation site: https://www.signup4.net/Public/ap.aspx?EID=MLGM18E
The link also includes hotel rates, address and activities you can partake in at the Hotel.
We do encourage everyone to stay at the Rio directly. Evo does have a quota to meet.
Also, please note you must be 21 and have a debit or credit card to book a room at the Rio.

Once I arrive at the Vegas airport how exactly do I get to the Rio?
Good question. Since it is Vegas and all they provide 24 hour Taxi and Shuttle service to and from pretty much any hotel in Vegas. This is info specificly for the Rio. Thanks to Geese Pants for this Info:
**The Las Vegas Airport is 4.4 miles from the Rio Hotel.

Taxi service is readily available and should run about $15 each way

The “Showtime Shuttle” is available at $6 one way or $11 roundtrip. You can find the shuttle at door 13 at the airport.**

What’s the Schedule?
The detailed schedule will be released a week before evo. Of course it’s friday morning to sunday night. Sunday is all finals (no BYOC casuals). Expect SFIV to take a lot of time though.

How long does Evo run? Time wise?
Usually each event day ends around 11pm. Friday and Saturday are all the pools and semi-finals for said games. Usually 3 games each day. Finals is Sunday and usually run 11pm or later.

When is Evo?
This year Evo is July 17th-19th

What games are at Evo?:
There are 6 official Evolution games. They are as followed:
Street Fighter IV (PS3)
Super Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Soul Calibur IV (PS3)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
SFIII: 3rd Strike 2v2 Tournament(PS2)

How are the official tourneys ran?
http://evo2k.com/?page_id=37 This link is as it says. An evo hand book when it comes to the tourney. Gives links to everything you need to know. How the pools are worked, elimination style…etc. Read this first before asking any other questions pertaining to such.

Evolution Side Events:
There are 4 Evolution Side Events. 2 of which are being hosted by the evo staff, the other 2 will be with Evo’s partners allisbrawl.com who we invited to evo. Sharing is caring. :lol:

The Evo ran tournaments are the very hyped up SFIV 5 on 5 Regional Team tournament.
The second is The Tatsunoko vs. Capcom invitationals.

The 2 non-Evo ran tournaments will be Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournaments.
One of the tournaments is singles and the other is teams.

How much is Evo?
The early bird registration fee is $30. But it is only applicable til May 31st. From June 1st til July 12th the registration fee is increased to $50

The tournaments themselves are $10 each except for 3S teams which is $20. $10 for each member.

What If I cant attend Evo, can I get a refund or transfer my entry?
The Evo Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable. Please be very careful before registering. Also all registrations are final. This means once you submit your registration, there is no editing it. If you wish to register for additional games, you must register again and pay the cover charge again.

Can I register in person at the event?
No. Registration is online only. No exceptions.

Sounds fun! Where can I register?
You can register here: http://evo2k.com/register

I just registered, how do I know my name is on the list?
If the money is deducted from your credit card or paypal account, you are on the list. Just to be sure, we will release the brackets online about three days before the tourament. You can reconfirm then, and you can contact staff if you aren’t on there or have any concerns.

You can also check http://evo2k.com/?page_id=439 for your tournament status.

Can I bring friends to watch, or bring my girlfriend, do they have to pay the tournament fee?
Spectating at the event is FREE. Bring as many people as you want. You are also encouraged to bring family to cheer you on!

Is the BYOC section free?
Yes. You don’t have the pay the venue fee to play on the casuals-set ups. You’re more than welcome to bring your own system. The tv’s are provided but keep in mind they are in limited quantities. Try not to have a setup where you’re alone playing the cpu when there’s 20 people on a single setup waiting in line. From time to time people bring their cabs from home or supergun set ups as well.

Do you win money?
Yes. The prize money is split 70-20-10 (changing it to a setup that gives a smaller amount to the top 8 has been discussed lately but I doubt it went through).

Did I just hear the magic words “Free t-shirts”?
Yes you did. If you registered that entitles you to a free Evo shirt. You also get a Evo ID Badge and Lanyard so we can keep track of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

General FAQ:
Can we use d-pad controllers:

Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed

Is button mapping allowed:

Is Rapid Fire/Turbo allowed

Are converters allowed:

Is there a XBOX360 to PS3 converter?
There is one that I can think of but it’s nothing worth mentioning.

Are custom arcade stick allowed:

But Valaris and Stu, I’m bring my arcade stick. Any suggestions?
Yup. Most people including ourselves bring our stick(s) in our carry on bag to prevent damage. Sometimes peoples carry on is their arcade stick. But if you want to pack it in your luggage make sure it’s well padded and well secured. You know how airlines can be.

Can you sell merchandise on the evo floor:
No. Outside of Evo, sure. Just not in the rooms where Evo is being held.

Are Drink and Food allowed on the floor:
No, The Rio Hotel and Casino prohibits outside food to be allowed into the ballroom at any time. If Evo staff decided to cater the event, then you may only eat the food provided, and please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. We aren’t your mom.

Can you smoke in the ballroom:

Is there an age requirement for Evo?
No. But you will need your parents to sign some paper work if you place in the top 8 of the tournament.

Can you record matches:
We allow recording to the extend that you don’t upload the footage. Please keep it to yourself and for your own personal use. We produce a DVD and dont want any of the footage on the internet before we have a chance to release it.

If I wanted to bribe my way to the top how should I approach it:
McRibs and skittles.

Thanks for reading. This will be update when and if any new info is provided.


Looks good. I’ll be sure to steal some McRib’s from McDonald’s secret vault.


whoo!.. EVO baby… be there or be cannonfodder for those of us who are gonna be there… also can i substitute anything for the Mcribs?.. ther so har dto get a hold of… y’know how it goes ‘limited time only’


that about covers it.


I’ve never been to evo, always would of liked to have gone…how much does it cost to spectate? If I have the funds by then i’m going for sure…


Good shit guys, might want to throw in that you have to be 21 to book the hotel though :tup:


It’s free to spectate/play in the BYOC sections…but you gotta pay for the official/side events.


this got stickied? :blush:


Very good all info thread. Deserved a sticky :slight_smile:


Travel from the airport to Rio hotel


Good to know, thanks.


The $30 venue fee is just for registering to compete correct?

so if I were to go all three days just for the BYOC and spectate the official matches that’d be 100% free?


Pretty much…


Tip from a native Las Vegan:

Regarding transportation, there is another option available as opposed to the infrequent shuttle or an expensive taxi. RTC (city) bus service is available from the Airport to the Rio. It’s a simple trip (will take about 45 to 50 minutes) and it will only cost $3.50 ($1.75 per boarding). They also operate some of the only double-deck buses in the US (in this case, on Route 202 -Flamingo, which serves the Rio). Service operates 24-hours a day.

Here is the routing information, courtesy of Google Transit:



Seriously? Just checking, because earlier you said:

To clarify my question:

Would I be able to watch the top 8 in SFIV and the other big draws without the 30 dollar registration fee?

Confirmation on this would be appreciated, since I’m thinking of going (and I don’t want to pay 50 dollars later, if it turns out that that isn’t the case).

Thanks in advance!


You have to pay to participate in the main/side events. It says it in the original post.


General FAQ:
Can we use d-pad controllers:

Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed

…I can’t use My Wireless MadCatz Street Fighter (D-Pad) FightPad at EVO?


About the food allowed on the floor, could have sworn I have read that the evo staff said no outside food/drinks on the floor. I understand if evo themselves hand out the stuff, but I just want to be clear if it’s cool to bring food in or not. Dont want to get thrown out while going to watch a final :expressionless:


I brought food and drink every day to the evo floor and I never got a second glance from people. I think as long as you don’t make a mess and clean up after yourself they don’t really care.
Hell two of the people I was hanging out with had beers with them pretty much the entire time.

If it’s wireless it’s not allowed period.


A second thing I was wondering about. :] awesome. Thanks again for the info.