Evo Field Trip of sorts: The Last Air Bender in IMAX

I know it comes out on the 2nd of July and everyone is likely going to see it day of or the weekend it’s out. But I figured it’d be cool to go as a group and see it in IMAX.

Any one down? Lemme know.

I never watched the show :frowning: id be lost.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you can still be entertained by the tweest.

you paying?

Despicable Me and Predators also debut on july 9th. just throwing that out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Man Snakes on a plane at evo was nuts haha.


I’d be down for Predators.

Predators as well…

Predators is the kind of movies you watch with a bunch of drunk friends. That gets my voice.

Dios: Remember War?

Haha yeah that was a ok movie but having srk folk and getting drunk made it better.

jet li = Justin Wong!

The only reason that movie was watchable was because we were like 30 srk dudes in the theater and only us so we could shout shit and Jayjay snuck in so much alcohol for you guys.

my group already had this idea… i love the show and vegas has lotsa 24hr theatres… buuuuuuut i’d much rather see predators