Evo Final Rules for Brawl

These rules can also be found at: http://www.evo2k.com/playerGuide/gamerules.php

First game of a match to be played on Smashville. Players can decide to play on any map, if both players agree.
Excessive stalling or abusing terrain to not engage the enemy is prohibited, and can be enforced by a tournament director only. This will result in a loss of the match.
Only Soft Syncing allowed, player must remove batteries after match or risk disqualification.
Any controller is allowed as long as you know how to sync it quickly.

Losing player can pick what method to be used after match:

Method A

  1. First stage is Smashville
  2. Winner keeps character
  3. Loser can either pick stage or character
  4. If loser picks stage then character is kept
  5. If loser picks character then stage is kept

Method B

  1. First stage is Smashville
  2. Loser picks stage
  3. Winner picks character
  4. Loser picks character

3 Stock, 5 Min timer, 2/3 Games
Items on medium spawn.
Sudden Death will not decide the outcome of the game. Highest Stock, then lowest percentage after time expires is the winner.
Allowed Items: Banana Peel, Unira, Spring, Mr. Saturn, Green Shell, Smoke Ball, Freezie, Super Scope, Sandbag, Food, Screw Attack, Warp Star, Metal Box, Bunny Hood, Beam Sword, Baseball Bat, Lip’s Stick, Star Rod, Hothead, Smash Ball, Ray Gun, Pitfall, Cracker Launcher, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Hammer, Golden Hammer, Bumper, Franklin Badge.
Banned Stages: New Pork City, Hyrule Temple, Warioware, Spear Pillar, Flat Zone 2, Original Mario Brothers, Mushroomy Kingdom, 75m, Summit, Rumble Falls.

Rule set is close to what I was hoping an item tournament would turn out to be. Should be interesting!

Good shit on allowing Wiimotes. You should definitely allow only soft syncing, and have players remove batteries between matches, so nobody can accidently turn off the consoles in the middle of somebody elses matches.

are we still having health % determine the winner in the event of a time out?

the rules are fine. lets not have this turn into a “this must be a joke” thread or a “real ssb players won’t show up thread.”

‘final’ should mean ‘final.’ practice up and see everyone at evo.

I’m surprised wireless controls would be allowed. There’s bound to be interference, and possibly even the cheesy idea of someone playing for someone else trick >.>

Besides, who the heck has hands tiny enough to use the wii mote? I sure don’t.

I disagree that there should be an arbitrary limit on how many times something can be repeated. While I agree that it would suck to be chain grabbed for 5 minutes straight, I’d rather let that happen than impose rules that you have to “let go” (or, more likely, up throw for KO) once you reach 300%/999%.

As far as syncing, thats why you should only allow soft synching and not hard syncing to the wiimotes, then have the tournament director (or nearby players) force that player to remove their batteries after the match. Then you won’t have the issue of staying synched down the line when the batteries are put back in.

Nah. Cmon. You can’t just let them infinite for the entirety of the match. Hell, they don’t allow that in other fighters, do they?

Yeah, but with the large number of smashboarders who will be itching to fuck everything up, it’s not out of the question that some little dildo will bring his own batteries and ruin everything. Maybe the remote/CCs should be allowed only if they’re owned by the tourney?

lamewaddd stop trying to turn this into a flame fest.

I think these rules look OK as long as we have clarification as to what will decide matches that run the time limit, and we solve the wiimote syncing issue.

Was this necessary… really? I don’t even know what SmashBoarders said in this thread to provoke you to say such an immature comment. Nor do I know why you would want to degrade this thread with childish remarks when everyone (SmashBoarders and SRK’ers) are trying to weed out any open holes in the rules before its becomes a problem during the actual tournament.

Anyways, I’m glad that the rules are finally set in stone.

Even though I will not be attending this tournament due to my preferences in rulesets and my recent distaste for Brawl, I do wish that this tournament turns out to be a success. I’m interested in seeing how the matches are played out, and will probably be buying the DVD when it’s released.

Best of luck to all the competitors.

I’m assuming Wavebirds are still banned? Also, how exactly does soft syncing differ from hard syncing?

Chances of that are probably less than you going in, doing it yourself, and then blaming SmashBoards just to start more shit up.

Honestly, why aren’t you banned yet?

A hard sync (done by hitting both sync buttons on the Wii and the Wiimote) registers the Wiimote to that Wii. By hitting a button on the Wiimote after it has been turned off or batteries removed and replaced, it can be still recognized by the Wii and be re-added as a controller.

A soft sync (done by bringing up the Home menu, picking Wii Remote Settings at the bottom, selecting Reconnect, then hitting 1+2 on each controller for the respective ports) only temporarily registers the Wiimote to that Wii for the duration of its connection. Turning off the Wiimote/removing the batteries drops this connection and will not be recognized again until those steps are once again performed.

By soft syncing (using the one Wiimote that’s exclusively assigned to the Wii station to get to the Wii Remote Settings menu), you can easily assign Wiimotes to the Wii, and by removing the batteries, remove that concern of people playing around with the Wii after the fact. Also, only during the Reconnect segment will it recognize a temporary Wiimote connection, and it’s fairly obvious if someone jumps in as a #3.

Just wanna say thanks for the “soft syncing” rule. Evo is doing alot to make their own rules, not to piss people off, but to see what really works. I’m proud.

Highest stock, then lowest percentage is what you meant.

Also, as requested many times, it would be much easier to list an item ban list, than which ones are allowed. (easier to read, easier to set up in game) So if someone could type that up so Wiz can put it on evo2k.com or in the OP, that would be lovely.

I made a list for a friend who wanted to run a Brawl tournament at a LAN party:

Assist Trophy, Pok Ball, Containers, Blast Box, Maxim Tomato, Heart Container, Dragoon Parts, Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Starman, Superspicy Curry, Lightning, Fan, Fire Flower, Bob-omb, Gooey Bomb, Smart Bomb, Deku Nut, Soccer Ball, Team Healer

Unless something has changed since the beta rules, it should be OK (I don’t have Brawl to check it).

OR do not come to Evo.

I know I’m not :smiley:

I’m actually a bit surprised that the items appearance is set to medium…O.o;…I would have thought it would be set to low…but eh…I guess we’ll see how this turns out first. I’m optimistic about how the rules are and though there’s no way I’ll be able to attend Evo I hope to see some good shit down the road. REPRESENT!

like i said before, people that dont want these rules should still go to evo and hold a side tourney to support their cause.

It actually still surprises me that Fire Flower remained on the banned list for items. That one is extremely situational.

I think you mean lowest percentage (?)

Anyhow, rules look good for me. Time to practice.