Evo Final Rules for Brawl

Damn this shits is gonna put marval to shame!
GET HYPE!** :looney:

Why’re you surprised? Wiz tasked you to prove that items were unfit for competitive play, and you failed to do so. I don’t see why we should make any sort of accomodations for baseless speculation when SRKers actually reached some sort of conclusion through testing and experimenting, rather than whining and tantrums.


And here they come…

I do so hope we don’t end up with another flood of rambling from Smashboarders.

Though I think fans, assist trophies and pokeballs should be brought back into the fold.

SRK knows a good deal.
It’s just that the Evo bigwigs don’t care.
They probably only did this so that Smash matches would be shorter, so they could get the tournament out of the way for games they consider to be worth their time, i.e. Super Turbo, Third Strike, and Marvel.
Honestly, if Evo hates Smash so much(and they do), then they should just replace it with Guilty Gear.
I know for a fucking fact that I’d rather see Accent Core at Evo than a tournament they obviously don’t want to host at all.

I don’t care what board you’re from, affinity2412. Please to taking your childish temper tantrums somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear it.

O_o That’s a completely ridiculous assertion.

We held tournaments and actually tested the items individually to determine just how “broken” they are. And all we figured out was that there isn’t any item close to being unbeatable, or even especially difficult to defend against.

Randomness doesn’t make the game unplayable. As so many people have pointed out in the past, Super Turbo and Guilty Gear both have random aspects which have more bearing than a beam sword or franklin badge, and have not had silly pushes by others to try and change the game.

o rly?

If FSs were so over-powered that you could kill the guy for all three of his stocks and beat them so hard their sister has a miscarriage, you’d think you’d hear “I’ll show you! haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr” more than “landmaster.”

Anyone find it funny how the guy who doesn’t know anything about items or other fighting games is calling us ignorant?

Too bad other people of note are already planning to go. But the door’s always open for you to walk through.

Seriously mature, btw.

dude whatever. Just go with it. If it turns out well, then cool. If it doesn’t do well, then it won’t be back at Evo next year or they’ll revise the rules. No big deal. Evo is not just about Smash.

These rules seem like a lot of fun (yes I used the word “fun,” many people forget what gaming is about :slight_smile: ).

I like the idea of items in tournies, a little more unexpected. I only wish I could be there to see it.

It could be because nasir and the like kept locking and/or deleting topics related to item legality…

I apologize for my earlier posts and for looking like a jackass. I don’t have anything personal towards EVO, its just that I was really looking forward to it and got very surprised by the current ruleset.


There’s a difference between topics about item legality (which were pretty thoroughly discussed in the 110 page behemoth that is STILL a sticky here), and the spam-esque threads that popped up after the 110 page behemoth already debated over the same arguments that were brought up then in there, or were threads with nothing but whining. The fact is, they were discussed, the rules are based off said discussion, and every argument brought up since the initial discussion has been a mirror of some argument in the 110 page behemoth.

Perhaps if the Evo Brawl ruleset was taken as seriously everywhere else in the Smash community as it was here, there might be a bit more validity in your accusation (though I doubt the result would be changed). But considering that it wasn’t until the 11th hour that everyone actually realized “Hey, they’re serious!”, I think it’s a little unreasonable to think the small flood of anti-item spam being shut down before it erupted was the “cause” of these rules.

I, for one, wish I could go. Money’s too tight. Hopefully next year. Here’s hopin’ Evo 2k9 maintains the items play, ‘cause I’ve been waitin’ to play competitive Smash like it was when I used to play Melee.

Really? Because the prospective rules discussion thread didn’t get locked until the beta rules thread came out. And even after the beta rules came out, smashboarders didn’t do anything except bitch. You’d think that when smashboarders come here and say “oh man, we’ve got sooooooooooooo many more people than you” that they’d be able to come up with, at the very least, twice the tournies and videos breaking down the intricacies of items on an individual basis. But no. All we got were lectures about how unbeatable Olimar’s final smash is, videos of Melee, people yelling RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM and this one tournament where people banned everything except for Saturns and fire flowers.

You had the venue, the opportunity and the manpower to prove that any single item, level, character, strategy or anything else was broken within a month. And you failed to do so. If Evo isn’t what you wanted to be, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. Either deal with it and show up like a man or bitch about it on smashboards. Either way, we don’t need trolling about what you think is wrong without any sort of backup.

I like to say the current rule set is totally fine. The big problem with items before is that you couldn’t dodge those mofo bombs that popped out of nowhere and owned you.

Crates and capsules out of the scene as well. HANDCLAP HANDCLAP HANDCLAP

I believe those are the most RANDOM factors that could turn over the match. Everything else can be decided by via awesome planning ahead and dodging skills.

Are you seriously still bitter about your item thread having been deleted?
FYI, Wiz himself deleted your original thread, and was the one locking the stickied items/beta rules thread. I never touched the stickied items/rules threads, as wiz put them there.

As for the other item threads I did close, if you seriously think I was censoring people because i’m “pro-item” or whatever, you are plain and simple an idiot. If anything, I’ve been way too lax and forgiving for people and their comments/flames/trolling/spam because I like to believe in giving people chances and giving people an opportunity for them to say what they need to.

That being said, after Wiz closed the items thread, because of the 100+ pages of nothing but complaining about items, random, overpowered,etcetc with nothing else but rants and words, with NOTHING that wiz asked for in the proof, all these other “item legality” threads started popping up. After 100+ pages (and yes, I read every single damn post in that entire thread) of no progress, Im not going to another thread based on the same exact reasoning and arguments spawn another huge flame fest. That thread was not taken very seriously by people outside of SRK, and alot of the more “known” players outside of SRK even said basically “Wiz has access to the backroom, no more need to be here. Items will be off”.

Do not blame the closing of the items threads as the cause for items to be on. The original threads started back in like march or april and there was plenty of time to make your points. Items in tourneys threads did not start popping up until after the Beta rules thread (which came after the original 100page items thread) started which I began to close. As you can see, I kept the items thread that had a (relatively) sane discussion of viability since it took a more mature approach.

If you have any more issues with these item threads being close, PM me directly. NO one except DigimonEmperor has ever said anything to me directly, and we handled the situation fine in private. I really do not want to see you complaining about this again in public.

They won’t be missed.

Actually, no. I’ve more or less moved on from my topic being deleted. It’s this funny thing called maturity.

You mean like this one, where the OP says “What I suggest though is people try out the many games included on your brawl disc. Maybe throw a tournament with a hand full of items on, they all don’t have to be on. Test a few different rule sets in tournaments and see how consistent the results are.”? And after it was locked, you told me on IRC that it more or less deserved it. Thank you, no.

Oh, you mean the one that has part 4 of their objectives as “To create a unified place that tournament organizers can come to discuss, create, and advertise item-based tournament events.”?


Awesome, thanks for linking my thread, Mad King. :slight_smile: I was kind of curious why I hadn’t heard about it considering nasir allowed it after a stern warning.

IMO this game is better off with items. Chars can only go so far on their own without them.

Keits, do you ever shut the fuck up. I’m calling it now, winner will be someone who normally plays the game without items. Keits will place low. Edit: woah lamewadd is banned. Finally.

By the way, I think they might miss the money. Evo was going to be one of those bigger tournaments in the summer where people travelled across the country to attend. Right now it’s being regarded as a tournament with the same connotations as one run by GameStop or Best Buy: “If you’re in the area, drop by”.

Now I think people should shut up about rules =) Nobody important here cares about opinions that conflict with SRK or years of development unless it’s done on SRK!

Ooh thanks. Very useful information. There’s a few people in my area who do use WiiMote related control schemes and I don’t think they all know this.

Sorry if this is pointless at this point but i don’t understand the concept of concrete evidence being used.

If a player losing a match due to an item spawn or due to the overpowering effect of an item can be argued against with “Stage control” or “Could be avoided”, Couldn’t one also argue that Akuma should be allowed in SF2 since the other player could have avoided the air fireball or just played better ?

stop using the akuma example when you are clearly unaware of how broken akuma was. he could do things the game engine wasn’t built to handle in vs play. That is not a good parallel to items being on.