Evo Finals 2006 - First Write Up

I finished my first write-up on the Evo Finals, which is mostly a summary of how I thought it went. You can see it here:


I’ll go into a bit more detail on each individual game and my own personal experience and how well I did in the games I played in a future post (posts?). But feel free to read this and lemme know what you think.

very nice

Great overview of everything that happened. Can’t wait for the next entry.

very nice indeed

good read

Very nice read. Look forward to more. I like how you complimented the players about acting so mature. It shows good sport to see duc and sanford congratulate each other even after losing.

the truth

Thanks for the writeup and plenty of pictures.

thanks for being the first of the evo staff with a write up of the event. it was a great read.

very nice read.

Wow this was a very detailed blog. This should be spread all over, this is the true meaning of evo. Thanks for the good read james.

Don’t mean to out do you there jchensor

But here is an article that we put up. Its more so about the media coverage and the community than our version on the take. Just wanted to give you guys another look at it. You know absorb everything that happened there just one more time.



Really nice read… Props

That was fucking outstanding James. Good shit.