Evo Finals Day Poll

We would like to know your thoughts and habits for Sunday at Evo.

I’d say a mix of A and B. I watched every bit of the finals, but ended up leaving the venue to eat during some of the exhibition events.

I’m usually there the whole finals…I’m not losing my seat.

Like Geese said, seats are hard to come by. Me and my friends were on rotation for the games we did not care for but other then that my ass only left the seat when I got hype.

One idea: maybe have TV screens set up some places for the finals in other spots- I know some conventions do this for cosplay competitions: it would make sense to have an overflow room or 3 if you can pull that off.

Ahaha, I’m the only one who voted on the last option.


B for me. I’ll watch if I’m feeling for it.

lol I could’ve used you this year. Some jackass was getting pissy at us for holding one of the front rows all day. “But I got friends coming!” Bitch so do I! Dude flipped us off trying to act all tough and shit. I had to stop Leigh from tracking him down.

I wanted to play as much KOFXIII this year while waiting for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and SSFIVAE finals. So I prefer for beta-games to be available in general for more testing as well as BYOC as finals are going on. As long as the BYOC people aren’t being discourteous and loud during the Finals, it’ll be cool.

This evo was amazing. Personally, even though I don’t play Tekken, I still loved watching it. However, if it gets repetitive, I’m off having fun with one of the many events they had there.

I play when able to but I do watch the finals if I’m not in front

I watch the wholllle thing but evo needs to just overestimate on the chairs.

i definitely watch the games im interested in, from beginning to end. but the other games im not interested in, id rather play the new beta test games.

but at the same time, i understand wanting to make sure everyone focuses on finals instead of random distractions taking away from finals hype.

but yeah, i was bummed when capcom closed shop so early on sunday =(

If I wasn’t working at the event, I’d probably be going around and checking out whatever stations are available.

Never been a fan of being merely a spectator, although I’ll freely admit that I immediately grabbed a seat as soon as the MvC3 Grand Finals were on, as well as Poongko vs Daigo for AE.

I was sick during Evo. So I took naps during MK9, Tekken and most of marvel. I would have slept more but the broken tier booth was being hype. I was awake for AE and BB.

Well 2k12 will be my first Evo ever! I will want to do everything and as much as possible. But at finals, I will watch all finals as possible, I will be there screaming my lungs out on every Evo moment. You guys could put SF The Movie and I would hype it out in the Sunday. =)

The free play booths could ran throughout the whole day though, it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

May Evo 2k12 be even bigger, better and more badass than EVER!!!

This. More chairs please!

Yes. The fight for chairs gets worse and worse every year. I thought it wouldn’t be so much of a problem between 2010 and 2011, but alas, it was more of the same thing.

Last year I went to the venue early to grab a good seat to view all the matches on Sunday. Those matches were worth the time sitting there. I got a good view to capture video and photos of the players too. Nin took one of our chairs ninja-style because he couldn’t find one after winning Tekken. :rofl:

If I go to EVO next year, I’ll do the same because seating is going to be hard to find with all the games that will likely be featured.

Being someone that honestly only wanted to watch some MVC3 it was kinda lame to not be able to play 3sOE/UMVC3 while having to watch the other games I could care less about.