Evo finals GGXX Slash registration question

When registering for Evo finals for Slash, it says the price is 30 dollars (obviously the price of a full team) but it only asks for information for myself. At what point do I enter who is on my team, and is there any way for each person on the team to pay for their entree in to Slash personally and seperately when they register for the whole event, or does one person have to pay for all 3 at once and then have the other 2 guys pay him back? Any clarifications would be appreciated. Thanks

The way it worked at EVO West was the team captains had to show up during registration time and give their name. From there, they get three badges and tell the registration people their team name.

So, just have the team captain register online and have the other people pay it back later.

yea but what about the registeration fee? The 20 dollars that is? Where does it say to put that? I mean I dont want to go and then me and my freind get stuck with that 45 dollar BS. I understand this works for the GG fee or whatever game your entering. But for the registeration fee it self, I dont understand.

If you’re only playing as a ggxx team member, there is no registration fee.
If you’re playing in any other tournament besides GGXX, you need to pay the registration fee via the online registration process. If you are playing in multiple games and are not the GGXX team captain, don’t register for GGXX (make sure your captain does!)

I have a bit of a problem.

I had a team about a month ago with Jan Michael Del Rio, and he registered as team captain. With him leaving our team to join another team, it has left me and my team mate without being registered, so I went ahead and paid for registration as team captain.

It didn’t read me as already registered (I entered Hyper Street Fighter 2 a while back) and had to pay the extra $20 entrance fee again. Is there a possible way to get the refund for the extra $20 registration?

im only entering slash, but i paid for both regular registration and the full cost of our team, and the other people on my team are playing multiple games except for me. so does this mean i didnt actually have to register for the 20 dollars? if so, will I be able to get a refund?

…does any one know the answer to my question?

You wouldn’t have had to pay the 20z registration fee if one of your teammates had paid for the Slash team at the same time that they registered for their other games. So basically, had George paid for the Slash team at the same time that he paid the reg for his other tourneys, there would have been no need for YOU to pay the fee. Since YOU paid for the Slash team, you HAD to pay the reg fee too. Sorry.

Stone, I was answered in another thread about that issue. The thing is, they would have wanted you to come to emergency registration to sign your team up for Slash, but you WOULD NOT have had to pay the reg fee again. Since you already did, I guess it would be up to EVO staff to give you your 20z back…

I dunno…I think people are SOL if they paid an extra 20 bucks. You should only be paying for Slash if you are the Team Captain and already have it set in stone who possibly will be entering with you (so the teammates themselves can pay you back out of their pockets).

I’ve already signed up as a Team Captain (even though overall my bro is better at the game) but I’m looking for a 3rd member. Just pay me 10 bucks at Evo and I’ll give you a badge. :tup:

so basically im screwed and have to pay for the extra 20 bucks plus my 10 dollars share of the team even though its all im playing? If thats the case, is there a way that I can still register for another game if im not getting my 20 bucks back so that i can at least justify having to pay for it? I could enter ST or 3S or something for fun at least, but since im already registered how does that work? Evo staff?

That’s fine. SHow up for emergency registration and add a game to your lineup. It’ll just cost you the extra bit for that one game to add.