EVO Finals!


Oh wow!


Spelling error on the main evo2k.com Web page:

Not competetive,


Not trying to be a jerk, people just might mistake Evo as an unprofessional event when they see stuff like this.

goddamn nice ass place. THUMBS UP!

I stayed there last week…the place is sick

did you try the tv, lag report needed =P

Since Red Rock is affiliated with Green Valley Ranch, does that mean the same things last year applies to this year (like security deposit fee, must be 21 and with a credit card to book a room)?


Will the payout be in cash? I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I had this horrible vision of the top placers getting like all that money…discounted off their next Toyota purchase by way of dealer gift certificates. I’m just curious, will it be cash, check, or…

Also, will we be paid the same day as grand finals?

Personally, I vote for big giant novelty checks, given to the 1st place finishers in a proper awards ceremony at the end of the last night.


iirc trvia: the red rock hotel has the “Hell’s Kitchen” winner cook there.

+1 for huge novelty checks handed out

When will the finals schedule be released? I’d like to be able to plan my weekend accordingly. Thanks!

Anyone that’s booked have an answer to this yet?

couple questions

Do we have to show up on august 18th if we already signed up and will there be byoc on the 18th???

Pools start on the 18th, so you kinda have to be there

Ok folks bare with me…I’m a little slow here. I maybe a scrub and restarded, but why is there a racing game (Mario Kart DS) in a fighting game tournament???

You guys could have easily put in UMK3 instead…

A quick question. All players who are seeded must register again, correct?

No, seeding bypasses registration + payment at registration.

Thanks for the reply, but I’d like to just get a final confirmation from Cannons / Wizard / EVO staff, if possible.

I emailed Tony…he said not to register, seeding/placement in the bracket are automatic. I registered for other games to try and qualify, but left out CVS 'cause that’s what he told me.

As for the hotel…apparently, you just need a credit card to secure the room…I’m not sure if they’ll check how old you are when you actually check in, though. They do charge the full cost of the first night as a deposit immediately, so if you’re using your ATM as a credit card, make sure you got the dough in there.