Evo Gambling Rule

I know its none of my business and I’m probably gonna get hated on by the evo staff for bringing this issue… but… I was just curious

Evo Rule:

Gambling is prohibited in and/or around the event hall. Any player that gambles on the property will be immediately ejected from the tournament, and may be banned. If you do not cooperate immediately, we will not hesitate to call the police and send you to jail. If you want to gamble, go play at the tables, that is what they are for.

Question: What about the 100’s of money match that goes on at EVO each year???

Isnt that a form of gambling… and whats worse is that minors participate it in a casino which puts Evo and the casino at risk.

I bring this point not to nit pick the Evo staff or anything I was just interested in their explination of a no tolerance gambling policy but is ok with money match… I love Evo and I’ve shown my support by attending each year since B4 and I would hate it if Evo and its staff would get in trouble if ever the casino was to see minors betting on video game matches at their event. I hope the staff at Evo knows Gaming laws and have cleared it with casino officials to not put them or the venue at risk.

Cant enforce what we dont see.