Evo goodies for sale!

Evolution 2005 is over and we have some merchandise that is left over and some merchandise that never made it to Evolution!

You can pick up a Evolution 2005 official shirt for $20, or last years shirt also if you missed it.

Also available are Hori Real Arcade Pro joysticks that were supposed to be on the show floor but never made it there. SRK and VGO people get the joystick for an incredibly low 79.99! Act fast, as these are in limited quantities.

You can also pick up a few left over VGO banners, that weren’t stolen! Get them quick!

Head on over to VGO NETWORK to pick up your official Evo merchandise!

Wow, you still got 2k4 shirts…o_o;

Ohhhhh man that slime controller is waaay too good, but too bad its a bit expensive.

how many copies of the bryan banner do you guys have and do you have any pics?

I only have a few left and the pic is down below with bryan

how many copies of the nina banner do u have? any pics?

and is the psylocke banner still available or is it stolen?

Stop asking and order already. =p I already snagged like, 3 banners.

Yeah, the Psylocke banner is back in stock. It was stolen at EVO, but I made a few extras just in case

How big is the Mai banner and how much shipping to good ole England

the banner is 5 feet tall x 2 feet wide. I’m not sure how much it would be to send it to England. But if you PM your address, I can find out.

everyone asking for pics, just go to vgo website

Send u PM

can someone please find out price for the banner as soon as, I want to buy it.

I meant shipping

All banners are $45 on the site…=/

I mant shipping to england

How long does shipping take? My friend copped one of those hori’s =X

I’m interested in one of the Hori Real Arcade Pros, but I need to know, are they new or used??

Ah. They say S&H is included…:confused: Technically it should be the same price. =/

well it says free shipping but I take it that 2 America only

Hope shipping to Canada won’t be a problem, I just had to jump on one of those HRAPs…