EVO HD Remix Regional 5v5 Qualifiers

There are two open spots on the socal team for the HD Remix Regional 5v5 at evo. The current team and their character choices are:

Alex Valle - Bison or Ryu
AfroLegends - Balrog or DJ
Watson - Just about anyone

I’ll be running a small qualifier to determine the final two members. The current team is flexible on who they’ll use. So, for example, if someone qualifies with Bison then Alex will play Ryu.

Here’s the details:

When: Friday at 3pm
Where:** Right next to Cigar Bob’s ST machine…hopefully

How: It depends on how many people we have. If it’s small (~8 people) then we’ll probably run it round robin style. If there’s more people, then we’ll probably do a standard double-elim tourney.

So, if you’re good at HDR and want to be a part of this team, then come on down!

Sign me up foo!

LOL. I guess I’m SOL…I don’t arrive until late Friday night.

Yeehaw buckaroos!

Oh JV, we should switch that around if we can, he should totally be there.

That sucks Shirts. If your plans change, let me know.

As far as moving the tourney goes, that’s probably not feasible. Saturday is pretty bonkers. HDR and CigarBob’s ST 3v3 take up the whole morning and part of the afternoon. After that it’s the SF4 semi-finals and SF4 5v5. Plus, even if we ran the HDR 5v5 during the SF4 semi-finals, when we would find time to run the quals for these spots on Saturday? For better or worse, running this on Friday seems like the only way to go.

Oh for sure. Thanks Pete, but yeah no big deal. You guys do what you have to do.

I’ll enjoy watching or playing.



I thought you’d be stoked for this. :confused:

I should be arriving just in time for this.

Are you going to figure out the setup before evo or are you just going to wait and see how many people show up?

I’m just gonna wait to see how many people show up and wing it :smile:

hahaha umad? :3

ps: im in