EVO HDR and ST side tourneys...who's going?


I have no experience running tournaments however I’m willing to learn, get in contact with Mr.Wiz, Cannon bros, and whoever else has authority over EVO, and just do whatever it takes to make it happen but I can’t do it alone. I need the commitment of the community to make Wiz see the mistake he made. Even if SF2 never gets on the EVO lineup ever again we can make it a place to play SF2 and decide who’s the best while having fun.

EVO’s lineup doesn’t decide the fate of the SF2 scene.

If anyone else with experience running tourneys wants to do this then let me know but until then I’m going to try to get it off the ground just so I know I’m doing something to support the scene. There’s no way I’m going to EVO without playing SF2.

I’ve been to Cigarbob’s ST tourney in EVVO09 which was canceled halfway into it because SF4 regionals was starting soon and EVO10’s side ST tourney which was moved into the hallway because Bang The Machine was being shown. So first thing’s first I’m going to talk to whoever runs EVO and make sure there aren’t any time conflicts. The timing of everything else going on at EVO will decide whether the ST and HDR tourneys will be the usual double elimination 2/3 or single elimination 3/5 set

If anyone is willing to help get this happening post your ideas and show Mr.Wizard that the SF2 scene is alive. Remember a signature thread for a new Darkstalkers game got Ono’s attention if SRK can do that then we can certainly just use our collective voice and presence to keep the scene going for as long as possible.

Any help or opinion is appreciated even something as simple as a link to a good bracket maker is better then keeping quiet.



You could all come to the biggest SF2 event of the year where the game is the exclusive main game for 3 straight days with around 1000$/720? in cash prizes outside of Special cash prizes for Euro and Low Tier participants.
With Japanese participation not limited to but including Aniken and Otochun.
And full streaming.

X-Mania Europe.


hmm…flights to europe during the summer double, so we’re looking at $1,200 cheapest to fly to this tournament, where only 2 note worthy players are participating, For that kind of money it would make more sense to fly japan and play the vast competition. 2 japanese players showing up to an st tournament, doesn’t make it X mania japan…as of now it holds no importance…they’ll run through europe free and face each other.


You are irrelevant and so is your opinion.


You can think that tourny is important all you want, but it’s not. US gets japanese players flying here every year. Evo 2k10 Daigo and tokido flew over…making instantly bigger than “xmania only in name”…Oto and aniken aren’t even confirmed. Good luck with that mess, financially it’s just not worth flying out to when looking at the competition overall. It’s like an ST version of the recent canada cup.


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Too cheeky mate, explain this tournaments relevance?


I will if someone that is relevant asks.

You could not be bothered to go from Texas to EVO in the last thread on this matter and nobody expects you to go to France in that case.

And therefore you are completely irrelevant.

I will explain if someone that is literate asks.

You have failed to understand the meaning of “official partnership with Mikado”.

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I will if someone that is competent asks.

You have failed to understand the importance of the first X-Mania tournament outside Japan.

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Much like the englands performance in the last what? 40 years of international competition in footy, you’ve chosen to stay free. Mikado can partner all they want, but have no japanese players confirmed yet. The pot is pathetic, there is no monetary incentive to bring any US players over, as much as you’ve been begging over the past month. Even if an american player won, he’d still be a minimum 1k in the hole with this trip.


Let’s not derail this poll thread with X-Mania talk. There are threads about that on the ST forum.


I’m Swedish.

So rather than insipid i guess a better description would be inbred.

No matter as you have been unable to respond to anything in the previous point in favor of laughingly trying to insult me you are henceforth on ignore.


It is st not hdr, not worth it.

I can make one trip per year for a tournament, and I had planned for evo, after watching last year hdr.

I’m not going for a side tourney


I too will defintely not be attending EVO now. I was on the fence already due to family concerns but I think I’d rather do the time to do some field research than go to EVO for a side tourney…


It all just goes to show that folks who are serious about a game have to show up and keep it competitively active. If MrWizard and staff decided to give SF2 another chance, who here will show up to this year’s Evo in support? I’m planning to.


Instead of spending time and money on coming at Evo for side tournies, which from previous experience tend to get constantly brushed aside and have no support from the tourney staff (unpredictable cancellations, no suitable space to run them, constant conflicts with other games, etc.), I think I’m going to spend that time and money on tournies that actually care about the game.


I’m going to Evo this year. The reasons that X-Men vs Street Fighter and other older games even made the spot as tournament headlining games at other majors was because people were playing them in high profile areas. As for the reasons HDR isn’t at Evo, actually going to Evo 2k10 gave me the specific reason because of who I was able to talk to and it has little to do with what’s being said here.


Well then enlighten us, I for one would like to know the reasoning behind it (that’s actually true, not sarcasm, I would like to know. The sarcasm and venom will now follow).

There wouldn’t be an EVO without SF2, I think it’s a disgrace that it is being brushed aside (MK9, seriously? A game that hasn’t came out yet and, based on it’s track record, will be horrible and broken? Over the original, best, and founding game, the one that started the entire scene and genre?). It’s hard enough for most people to travel to tournies with the economy the way it is, I don’t think many will for just a side tourney. I know I won’t. EVO is now dead to me. I won’t go, won’t watch, don’t care about it.


The conversation has personal value to me. The guy is someone I greatly respect and I’d rather not sour what little rapport I have left after having been drawn into things related to this bullshit (HDR vs ST). I don’t have much sway amongst players unless they’ve seen me play offline. If you don’t take my word for it here, it’s something I’ll share with anyone I know has clout in offline play or that I will more than likely see at an offline tournament.

Which basically means it’s NEVER going to see public light of day on these forums unless the guy who told me outright comes here and says it himself. I’m content to say that folks who were rooming with me at Evo know what I said of it and that information pretty much got confirmed this year. There’s nothing worth celebrating, it’s just something that was gonna happen. Shit sucks.


Well, I think I already know what the answer is. I think you can tell me if I’m way off base. It has nothing to do with St v. HDR, or even SF2’s turnouts at other tournies. Before SF4, EVO was about the players and the FG community. Then SF4 hit, EVO exploded, and now it’s all about the $. Corporate sponsorship and advertising money picks the games at EVO now, not what the players want to see. I think HDR/ST was doomed no matter what turnouts it was getting because Capcom no longer gives a shit about SF2. They just want their new games promoted, the ones that cost $60, not “cheap” downloads.

SF4 didn’t revive the FG scene, it killed it. The soul is gone, replaced by greed and money. Sure the scene is much bigger, but I don’t think it’s better.


That’s not it, though lol. It seems like the rational, obvious answer, but it really isn’t that. If we view the Evo staff as that, that’s the kind of response we’ll interpret and then get. I love Evo, it’s a great thing. I don’t think it should dictate the atmosphere of every tournament in the country, but it’s been a good thing and will continue to be a good thing. Fighting games have changed, Evo being the face of fighting games doesn’t mean it should bear the brunt of what’s happening. There’s good and bad in all of this, just how it is. I was told something and that something was acted upon. That’s just what happened.