Evo headsets


What are those “Evo” headsets being offered to people playing on stream?

It seems to allow the players to get audio from the PS3 (and maybe 360 as well?). Are there any alternatives to this? Maybe some sort of adapter so you can plug in your own headphones?


probly something from madcatz/triton

edit: s’probly either this one or this one




So, from the looks of it, I only need an RCA to 3.5mm adapter and then simply use the PS3 AV cable? And then maybe get a 3.5mm splitter in case someone wants to listen in too?


probly gonna have to research that cause i honestly have no clue

edit: it was probly a 3 way splitter since its 2 sets of headphones AND the conference hall speakers

edit 2: they’re using usb hubs with the ps3. 2 usb headphones and 2 usb joystick ports


The headsets used at EVO this year were the Triton Detonators. All thecables you need are included, so technically it works on all systems although its branded as an xbox360 headset.


no mic support for ps3 though