EVO hotel casual play


Anyone who’s gonna be at evo and is gonna be staying in the Shilo Inn just post here in this thread or PM me and let me so we can get some casual games going. In my room with me its gonna be me(Josh Wigfall), Xeceutioner,the law, Shawn morgan, and a few other top EC players. we’ll be arriving thursday night so we need the practice because we’ll miss all the casual play of that day. So let me know what ya’ll wanna do.



I will be staying in The Shilo Hotel…I would like to get some games in too if you want…Reply if you dont mind…



OCV Krew and I will be staying there also…we’ll be there Thurs-Sat so holla back…



I’m down for kicking back. My friend might be bringing is big sav stick set-up. :smiley:

How to beat a ryu player that's better than you and runs away when your close to death to do firebal
How to beat a ryu player that's better than you and runs away when your close to death to do firebal
How to beat a ryu player that's better than you and runs away when your close to death to do firebal

I’ll be there, Kuan’s stayin at shilo too…iono about scodolfy tho.


I’m down for some casual 3rd Strike and will be staying at the Shilo Hotel as well.

If anyone wants to play and has a DC and 3rd Strike with them let me know and I’ll be there in a heartbeat, just be sure to give me a heads up. :smiley:


myself and the fresno crew will be at the shilo inn.


Hey wat’s up Doc, me and the rest of fresno is stayin at shilo as well… were bringing a DC, two MAS sticks and possibly an extra TV… see u at evo!:cool: OCV Crew all teh way:cool:


Any room gonna be chillin and playin CvS2?


Fritz: My room will be CvS2 247…at Shilo inn…I wont be hard to find…u’ll hear the random screams from all the crazy matches!!!


I arrive thursday evening…



dunno wat room we have, but we will also be having CVS2/MVC2

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lol, i’m not even staying at the shilo inn, but i’ll probably go there at night to get some good casual play action in.

hey dr. b, i’d like to play you sometime. no hate or anything, i would just like to see your S-groove in action:cool:. same with you fritz, i never got to play you on xbox live (as if that’s a decent substitute:rolleyes: ), but i’d like to play you also.

and what system will you be playing cvs2 on? i’m bringing my agetec, but i doubt i’ll have enough room for my ps2 MAS stick.


i’ll be staying in the same hotel…holla at me so we can get some MvC2 and GGXX practice in…


Oh Hell Fucking Yeah. I’ll be staying at the Shilo Inn along with a lot of my SD homies, and hopefully some Florida peoples and Issac from Bama will show too. We’ll be checking into our hotels late Thursday night (around 11:30pm) for any1 that wants to get down. Don’t know the room numbers yet, but hopefully we can all stay kinda close by. We should have like door signs saying who’s in this hotel room and such, cause I have a feeling there’s gonna be mad people staying there for EVO. I’ll have a sign saying THE SD CREW HERE or something. This shit is on.


Yeah i’d like to get a few games with fritz and wolfy(and any other live players) as well. It’d Be nice to play them offline for a change. Because I really hate live.


we can actually make a small tournament over there.(mini evo)


Team tournament. 3rd strike team seattle: K.O. + KSK.


DrB: ya man, sounds good, i dont think we are bringing any hardware though, except Wolfy might bring his ghetto 3rd party bullshit stick that he plays well on, lol.

And ya, us Xbox scrubs need to hook up and play on a real medium for sure. Thursday night would be cool, i think we’re gonna drop by B’s room, but afternoon i think we’ll be playin some games at the arcade if its available.


Ya I’m pretty sure the line for games will be killer on casual play days… If so we have 2 MAS sticks in our room and a DC with CVS2/MVC2 we also have 3S/A3, but no one from fresno is entering those tourney’s, so i dun think we’ll be playing it. If anyone wants to join us, call my cell 3499324 when we’re all in our tellies. We’re goin to try to bring a TV in case the telly TVs are rigged =\ lol