EVO Hotel Room Sessions


Hotel Room games up in Ceasar’s Palace, Palace Tower Room #2027

Come up for games, we got Marn & Min in the house so far, NerdJosh incoming, we need another monitor + HDMI cable if anyone in the hotel has one


Moving to Roman Tower Room #882!


Sooo we moved up to a huge suite…and the stream PC shit its pants, won’t recognize the SSD it needs to boot from. If anyone has a boot cd for Windows or is a PC expert please hit us up at Roman Tower #882, get some games in and help us get back on the air!


We also have tons of systems and no monitors, if you have monitors feel free to bring them and put them to use, but we REALLY need a freaking windows install disk.


I have what you are looking for but is it windows 7? Also got 2 monitors but I would want to stay so I can watch my shit.