Evo hotel rooms?

Hey pat, just wanted to ask which days you (and everyone else in the room) were planning on staying. I got vacation from that wednesday to the following monday so I have a pretty open schedule.

OK, official update!:

The last email they sent said the rates would be:

7/8 - $149 per room
7/9 & 7/10 = $180.00 per room
7/11 = $165.00 per room

(+ the local tax, which is 10-12%)

I can book you 10 rooms at this rate- but I need the names. If this is not acceptable, I can look around for rates at some other close hotels. Let me know.

So that’s the revised prices.


First 9 PMs get rooms.

good shit, all this info gives me an idea of how much i’ll need.

Oh, and make sure you tell me for exactly which days.

I’ve only got three PMs at this point. Is that it? I’ll send her email confirming which rooms either tomorrow or Monday.

I am set for a room Zach, so you can take me off the list. Thanks for the help. Evan is also set if he hasn’t PM’ed you.

So good news and bad news.

The good news is that of the ten rooms under my name, FOUR get the old cheaper $149 each night rate.

The bad news is that there is no bad news. So that’s about $40 off the total cost of those rooms. I may have gotten cheaper rates on two of the other rooms too, and she’s been good about giving me first dibs on any of the cheap rooms available. It’s entirely possible that all ten will get the cheap rate.

I only have people signed up for a handful of these: oh well. If I need to cancel them, I will. But last time it was a clusterfuck at the last minute, so I’ll be patient.

Thanks for your hard work Zach.

More good news and more bad news:

I now have seven of the rooms at the lower $149/night rate (which is the original Evo rate). Three are at the higher new rate.

The bad news is that there’s still no bad news.

Aight, It’s decided. I’m goin’ to evo this year. What flight is everyone on and who wants to let me in on some of this room splitting business?

4/5 Idaho guys and I would like to get a room from you. Is that possible?

Sure, PM me your info: I need two names to hold any given room.

hey zach, pat has already squared stuff away for our room correct?

So, does that mean that all 7 of the lower priced rooms have been claimed? I already signed up for a room with 3 other people at the current rate and if one of those 7 rooms haven’t been claimed already I would definitely like to switch to the lower priced one.

That’s room 3 in my first post, right?

That sounds like a bright idea.

ya thats the one preppy I didnt see the first page thanks

I’m interested Zack could u give me a private message including your moblie # so we could talk more about the rooms thank U!!

OK, looks like I got two more rooms at the low rate.

If you haven’t sent me a PM with the names, I don’t have a room for you.

How many people per room?

Is this at cesars palace?

Thanks Zach for doing all this!

You pay one price if you tell them you have two people in your room. You pay another price if you tell them you have four people in the room. Your call on that: I just need two names to hold any given room.

Yes, these are at Caesar’s Palace: this is the Evo deal.