Evo HYPE!!!

So… I guess to clean up the other threads, and throw a little highlight on this shit, I figure we might as well get a thread going for Evo.

So yeah, CvS is boring… it sucks… there’s no hype… the players are too buddy-buddy…

Fuck that.

I don’t know half of you all, and the one’s I do know, I don’t like. Son.

Bullshit drama aside, this may just be the last year for CvS2, so we might as well set up some matches and try to have some fun before it’s set to go.

So I guess, we can post up individual matches and shit, but I’m more interested in larger scale team matches, like EC/WC or US/Japan match. Or matches between states/regions and shit…

So yeah.

I’m looking to bet it this year at Evo, in the spirit of being on the strip. Who else wants to get shit hype?

Confirmed Money Match List:

Havoc v. Laugh- 3/5 for $100
Havoc v. Misterbean- 2/3 for $20
Laugh v. FullMetalRoss- $50
Laugh v. Rugal B.- 3/5 for $100
MGS v. Gridman- Rock v Yama, 4/7 for $20

Yo let’s get this shit started put me down for: Bas 100$ Buk 50$ enough of the bull shit p groove I’m bringing out the K and Buk your Iori is gonna get a red hot Sagat foot up his ass, no more being modest!!! and if you tryin to bet don’t bring no half ass shit cause this is fo real!

id just like to see a side team tournament, i wouldnt mind running it either we just need tvs…that shit would be hype yo…i just dont know whod be down…or if there would be enough people…

im outi


haha who decided on 50? not that I care. Sounds hype. Hope I can make it.

50 ain’t nothing thats like not even 1/3 of a bottle of Cristal.

Get fucking hype…i gotta go this year seeing as its the last year for it i’ll be willing to take a few money matches …not from the greats though…haha

Grid i look forward to that rock vs yama lets say for $50 4/7 cool?

i think the reason cvs2 isn’t as popular is because the japan always beats the americans and west coast beasts on east coast…i don’t know why cvs2 isn’t more popular on the east guess its just to pure(see technical) for most ppl over here to give a shit.

I remember RC’s killing the game for a lot of people. I think some just didn’t feel like learning a game changing exploit. It’s pretty hard to learn how to RC if all you play at is the arcade too.

MGS - $20 4/7 is fine
If I made more, Id do 50.

COM’ON YAW WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO PLACE SOME BETS. This is the last year for CvS get hype damit!!! put me down for 30$ vs Nitto I gotta take that fool out too!!

Maybe you guys should try things like MMs with specific grooves (like a N-groove challenge, S-groove challenge, etc, maybe having side tournaments to find out who is the best in each groove, if time allows), or MMs with characters other than the top tiers just for the sake of variety. One thing people complain about CvS2 is the A-groove/top tier whores so that would be a nice opportunity to show that there is a good number of characters with potential in this game.

Imo show they have potential by bringing it in a real tournament, not one with imposed restrictions. YOU GOT SERVED, on dvd.

Laugh wins for free

True story


You wanna play?

I’ll play you for any amount.

Nick Free


I like how nobody says this shit to my face though


Are you serious?

I don’t even know you, but I do know you’re a short, nerdy kid with acne. Believe me, I’d have no trouble saying any of this to your face.


Random A-Are scrub… Good shit.

Only reason I even know who you are is because I remember my man Jason fucking OCV’ing your ass at Evo East. Freeeeeeeee

EDIT- So what’s the terms? I’ll play you FT5 for $500. Easy.

Nah man 50 sounds good.If it gets closer and looks like I’ll have more money I’ll let you know.

team i love duy accepts 3v3 or 4v4 or 2v2 money matches $150min.


i’ll play team “I love duy” in a match of hotdog-hiding

Laugh me vs you for 100?

i’ll take mm’s with stipulations on myself. i can pick a bunch of dumb characters/teams/grooves

aight thats cool man.

havoc vs nick t …i got 50 on havoc on his comments alone.

i wanna play that fool albert c. cuz he’s funny as hell idk about the stakes 2/3 for 20 maybe.

wait did i hear right leezy is quitting after this year? i wanna play him but don’t wanna give him free money haha maybe i’ll get a chance in casuals or something.